Greek Life

Martin Luther Statue as the summer daylight approaches

Letters Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Greek Life is a great way for students to become more involved in the Luther community. It allows students to:

  • Have a positive impact on local communities by volunteering and fund-raising.
  • Develop communication and leadership skills by serving in the student-led executive boards.
  • Create lasting friendships and memories.

Three different Greek groups exist on campus, all student led with assistance from a faculty advisor. Within each group, members are elected by their peers to serve on an executive board which works together to make the sorority or fraternity successful and enjoyable. In addition, members of each Greek group are chosen to serve on a special council, Inter-Greek Council, which unites all Greek Life and directly impacts the Luther community by planning campus Greek events. The Greek Life group offered on campus is:

Each sorority and fraternity aims to create an environment that not only gives their members opportunities to make friends and memories, but also encourages their members to become active and passionate individuals who will wear their letters proudly today, and become the leaders of tomorrow.

How to Become a Greek

To join a sorority or a fraternity, a student must be a sophomore or older. Throughout the year, each Greek group holds informational and social gatherings called teas (sororities) or smokers (fraternities). First year students are allowed to attend these gatherings, but by administrative rules are not allowed to join the Greek group.

When a student is interested in joining, they are called a “potential.” To join a fraternity or a sorority, each potential must participate in pledge month. Throughout the month of October, “potentials” become “pledges,” and are encouraged to participate in fun activities such as dressing up, volunteering, and other such activities. For some Greek groups, pledge month is offered in January as well. After this, “pledges” become “actives,” and are officially a member of Luther’s Greek Life.

Greek Life Glossary

Active: a member who is initiated into lifelong fraternity or sorority membership and is a member in good standing at the collegiate level
Alumna/Alumnus: an initiated sorority or fraternity member who has graduated from Luther College
Pick-up Night: first day of membership recruitment, tradition of singing and dancing through Residence Halls
Brother/Sister: term used by active members when referring to each other
Chapter: the collegiate group of a national fraternity/sorority, designated by a special Greek name
Pledge Weeks: period of structured membership selection (Process used by IGC)
Inter-Greek Council (IGC):¬†governing body for Luther’s local sororities and fraternities. Each organization has two representatives appointed by their organization for voting rights.
Legacy: a Son/Daughter, brother/sister of a Fraternity/Sorority member
Line: the new members of an organization who are presented at the same time
Philanthropy: a community service and/or fundraising project sponsored by a chapter
Potential Member (formerly known as Pledge): a member of a fraternity or sorority not yet initiated
Pledge Trainers: Greek Officers who guide potential members through the membership recruitment process. They are asked to provide objective advice and support.

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