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Through my internships, I learned how flexible my major is. I can go into a medical field, learn the basics, and apply everything that I know about computer science there. The next day, I can go into a sales team and do the same. I can go in many directions.
Gabriel Palacios '22
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Madilyn Heinke
Luther teaches you more than how to do a job. The critical thinking skills you learn are essential to setting yourself apart in the workplace.
Madilyn Heinke ’19
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Blond man with beard and glasses, smiling, in front of solar panels
Environmental studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field, and that’s how it’s taught at Luther, from science to ethics to anthropology. Beyond that, Luther has made an incredible commitment to sustainability, to reach zero emissions by 2030. Luther walks the talk.
Charlie Sylvester '22
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White man wearing swim cap with goggles, plus a stethoscope
The Luther biology major equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to get into medical school, from introduction to biology to advanced classes like human anatomy and dissection.
Matt Benson '22
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Be yourself.
Find your path.

The journey you take here won’t look like anyone else’s. But you won’t do it alone.

your journey

Not only does the federally funded program help first-generation and income-eligible students access financial aid and career advice, it also provides a strong support system on campus to guide students through their college careers and launch them into the next stages of their lives. 

“We work hard to provide an environment where we exercise our minds in classes and labs, and we stress and push and exercise our bodies as part of overall wellness and a strong tradition of NCAA Division III athletics,” said Athletic Director Renae Hartl.

The Luther College Nordic Choir, one of the premier collegiate choral ensembles in the United States, will perform across the Upper Midwest in January and February. 

Find common purpose.
We believe in education for the common good. Our students challenge the status quo and serve their communities.
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Find common purpose.
We believe in education for the common good. Our students challenge the status quo and serve their communities.
A woman in a desert scrub-land using surveying equipment
Reading the Dirt

Luther-trained archaeologists build a better picture of the past while also striving to build a better future.

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At Luther, learning happens everywhere. Located in Decorah, we're home to analytical thinkers, active learners and adventurous do-ers.
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