Latines Unides

Our purpose is to serve as a cultural experience, social resource, and a support center for students of Hispanic/Latino descent as well as our amigos. We are committed to bringing awareness to the Luther College campus through the Hispanic/Latino culture, its growth and its contributions to society. We strive to celebrate existing Latin cultures, as well as acknowledging them in the broader spectrum of cultures around the world. Our group is open to all students, regardless of Spanish-speaking ability.

Annual events our club organizes include:

  • Programming for Hispanic Heritage Month including a salsa night dance, cooking events, speakers across academic departments, and other cultural events such as…
    • The Day of the Dead ofrenda and celebration
    • A talent show, the proceeds of which go to a non-profit organization selected by the club
    • An end-of-the-year formal banquet celebration
    • Monthly social hangouts during our weekly meeting time like movie nights, bowling, and cooking together

For the most up to date information and to see pictures from our recent events, check out our Facebook Page.

Contact Information

Anita Carrasco

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Koren 308
700 College Drive
Decorah, IA 52101


(563) 387-1158