Student Senate

Student Senate is the primary means for student participation in the governance of the Luther College community.

Our mission is to serve Luther students and student organizations by providing them with resources to achieve their goals and to connect faith with learning and service with responsibility.


Student Senate Meeting Agenda 

Student Senate Minutes

General Senate Live Stream Meetings

To me, Senate is one of the best ways a student can try to give back to the Luther Community! It helped me feel connected to our campus in a deeper and more meaningful way. I loved that the people working on Senate all wanted to make Luther a better place for everyone

Maddy Lomprey '22
Former Luther College Student Senate President

Student Senate is Luther College’s student government organization. The Senate consists of twenty-seven student representatives elected each spring, with the addition of three first-year representatives elected in the fall. As always, feel free to email Student Senate if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Luther College Student Senate logo

Leadership Team

President: Jaraad Afroze Ahmed

Vice President: Natalie Neff

Secretary: Hannah Roesler

Treasurer: Sophie Bierlein

Executive Board

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the following:

Campus Betterment Committee Team Leader: Julia Da Silva

Organizational Committee Team Leader (Senate Representative): Chilekwa Lingomba

Organizational Committee Team Leader (SAC Representative): Quinn Lohse

Communications Committee Team Leader: Chloe Rozga

Academic Committee Team Leader: Rachel Jorgensen

Class Representatives

First Year Class Representative: Jacob Horton

Sophomore Class Representative: Malachi McElroy

Junior Class Representative: Abby Weidt

Senior Class Representative: Kiley Nolan

Diversity Representatives:

Race and Ethnicity: Ruthvery Mtaita

Race and Ethnicity: Antonia Laker

Culture and Religion: Gabrielle Jensen

Culture and Religion: Elizabeth Loma

Gender and Sexuality: Tina Ngakeni

Gender and Sexuality: Christian Chavez

Disability: Madelyn Kaasa

Disability: Emilee Burcham-Scofield

Appointed Positions

ISAA Student Representative: Kwaku Junior Sarpong

Wellness Representative: Nathan Behrens

Sustainability Representative: Elise Trail-Johnson

Student Support Representative/LSA President: Linnea Nordqvist

Student Activities Council President: Quinn Lohse

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Representative: Kevin Kretz

Council for Faith and Life Representative: Kjerstin Halverson

Hall Representatives

Brandt Hall Representative: Sydney Obaseki

Ylvisaker Hal Representative: Omotola Akingba

Farwell Hall Representative: Nico Shrestha

Miller Hall Representative: Karl Fuhrman

Dieseth Hall Representative: Makenzie Dahlstrom

Olson/Larsen Hall Representative: Christ-Berly Derival

College Apartments, Prairie Houses, and Commuter Representative: Mitchell McManus

Baker Village Representative: Madelynn Liston


This powerful document includes the rules by which Student Senate operates, groups represented on Senate through designated representative, what their duties are to the student body, and more information detailing the nuts and bolts of Senate. Check this out if you’re interested in learning how our organization is composed and discover the extent of our influence on life at Luther.

Current Student Senate Constitution


I am a Luther Norse.

I am a citizen of the world.
I am inclusive and compassionate to all.
We value and recognize all faiths.
We are a diverse Community.

I engage in learning beyond my interests
I display integrity through my actions.
We hold ourselves and each other accountable.
We project Leadership.

I am determined to make the world sustainable.
I possess an open mind.
We show reverence for individuals.
We demonstrate Respect.

We are learning to be well rounded people.
We are becoming more.
We Are Luther.

Adopted by Student Senate, Spring 2018


Funding requests have been divided into three different categories: (1) Funding for Organizational Continuity, (2) Funding for On-Campus Events and Activities, and (3) Funding for Conferences and Other Off-Campus Activities. Our first priority when looking at requests will be those requests that allow student organizations to operate. A close second priority is helping organizations provide events and activities to the Luther community. Third, will be allowing organizations attend conferences and other off-campus events that further their goals and mission.

When applying for funding, we ask that organizations consider the mission and values of Luther College. Please also ensure that requests are appropriate and will not violate any rules or expectations set by the college.

The Finance Committee would especially like to call your attention to the criteria by which we are evaluating proposals so organizations can keep this in mind when they are working on their applications. Here is a link to the criteria. Finally, the online application is available. All applications must be received by Wednesday, Oct 4th midnight. Once the application’s submissions are done, leaders will be invited for a mandatory interview. After the Finance Committee review all the applications, organization leaders will receive an email decision informing them the amount of allocated funds.

Student Organization Funding Request Form

Student Activities

Erik Matth
Interim Director of Student Activities
Dahl Centennial Union 106A

Phone: 563-387-1613