Signing in to Luther Services

Almost every Luther service signs in with a single username and password called a Norse Key. Some services also require a second form of authentication, as in the Google 2-Step Verification that protects your Norse Apps suite, and the Microsoft MFA that protects many other Luther services.

Help! I can’t sign in

The Technology Help Desk can help you get back into your account, ideally over the phone or in person. Here are some things to do before you call:

If your password doesn’t work

  • Test it on a few other Luther services. We recommend testing at, Norse Hub, and Norse Apps.
  • Check your Luther email for a password expiration reminder. If your password expired, you can only regain access by contacting the Technology Help Desk.
  • Make sure your username is entered correctly. You should only append “” when prompted for “email”—not in fields that only ask for “username”.
  • If you recently changed your password, the most common cause by far is simple mis-entry, usually because we’ve misremembered our password. Even if you’re confident of your password, try a few plausible variations. Try it fast and try it slow. Take a break and come back.
  • If your password is being auto-filled, delete it and enter by hand. You may need to correct the record in your password management tool.
  • Make sure that your Caps Lock isn’t on. If you’re using an extended keyboard, make sure that the Numbers Lock is on.
  • Visually inspect the entered password. If you can’t expose the entered characters, count them—make sure its the same total that you expect.

If you can’t pass MFA or 2-Step Verification

  • If you’re new to Luther and locked out of your email, you probably didn’t turn on 2-step verification in time. Contact the Technology Help Desk.
  • If you just arrived on campus, make sure that your device is properly registered to our network.
  • If you don’t get a cell signal, force reboot your phone and enable wifi-calling. If you still don’t get service, contact your cell phone provider.
  • If you see an error message, try again in an Incognito/Private Window.
  • If you use Microsoft MFA for another organization, either setup a second browser profile for Luther or permanently clear your browser’s memory of the old organization by deleting cookies for
  • If you’re outside of the United States, contact the Technology Help Desk to setup a Zoom call. After you get into your account, immediately add an authenticator app, which doesn’t depend on cell or wifi service.

If none of the steps above work, you’ll need to contact the Technology Help Desk so that we can help you change your authentication method. When you get back into your account, setup a redundant authentication method, like a second phone number, an authenticator app, or backup codes.

If you’re the leader of a student organization

Make sure you’ve completed the Organization Update Form so that you’re authorized to get help with your account.

If you’re a parent accessing Norse Hub

  • Make sure that your student has granted you access.
  • Your username should be your last name and then a set of numbers. It is unique to you.
  • You might be locked out of the Parent Proxy because of three invalid attempts.
  • If you’re able to sign in but don’t see content, choose “Change Proxy User” from the sidebar or within the username dropdown menu.

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