Email Aliases

Norse Mail users may request an email alias in addition to their normal address. An email alias gives your Luther email inbox another address through which mail can be sent and delivered.

Email aliases are helpful for various reasons, including simplification for the sake of networking (e.g. vs or correcting for name changes (e.g. vs

Aliases do not replace your Norse Key, change how you sign in, alter your display name across Norse Apps services, or affect saved contact info on other accounts: Aliases merely give another potential address to send and receive email. If you’re interested in reflecting larger changes to your identity, you’ll want to¬†change the display name¬†associated with your account, contact people you know and ask them to¬†update their own records¬†, and possibly request a name change with the appropriate office (e.g. HR, Student Life, or Alumni).

Note: Organizations or Departments should contact the Technology Help Desk to request a proper email address or mailing list, rather than using an alias

Requesting an Email Alias

If you would like to have an email alias created, please submit a ticket at or contact the Technology Help Desk.

Aliases cannot match the current Luther address scheme (first 4 letters of the last name, first 2 letters of the first name followed by two digits), a department on campus (i.e. – President, ITS, choir, etc), be offensive or inappropriate, or other criteria as defined by ITS.

Setting Up an Alias

After you’ve requested an email alias from the Technology Help Desk:

  1. Using a computer rather than a phone, log into Norse Mail .
  2. In the top right of your email inbox, click on the gear icon, and then choose Settings .
  3. In settings, navigate to the Accounts and Import tab .
  4. In the Send mail as section, click Add another email address .
  5. Enter your name and your new email alias.
  6. Leave Treat as an email alias checked.
  7. Click¬†Next Step¬†and you’re all done!

You should be automatically taken back to your settings and see your email alias listed alongside the primary address. While you can always choose to change the sending address for individual emails, some people like to make their alias the default address, which you should see beside the new address. If you’d prefer this option, please contact the Technology Help Desk so that your interactions with our ticketing system aren’t rejected.

For more info about using your email alias, the best resources are¬†Google’s own help page¬†or the Technology Help Desk.

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