Network Registration Guide

To access the Luther College network, a workstation must meet certain minimum requirements (up-to-date antivirus, and a fully patched operating system). College-owned computers should have already been registered on your behalf. To connect a non college-owned computer to the Luther College network, registration is required for full Internet access. If you only need short term, basic web access, you can connect to the LCGuest Wireless Network where registration only consists of consent to a terms and conditions.

Instructions for Registering on the Network

  1. Make sure you are connected to LCWireless, LCWireless 5G or LCSecure.
  2. Open any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) to get started.
  3. The first webpage you visit should redirect to you aren't redirected, navigate to manually
    4. Familiarize yourself with the Network Usage Policy then select Agree
  4. Fill out the prompted fields with the appropriate information (i.e. Norse Key Username and Password)
  5. Click Login and Download Agent.
  6. Save the Agent to a location on your computer (i.e. Desktop).
  7. Double-click the Agent to scan the computer. This may take several minutes.

Successful Scan: If you see that the scan was successful you should be ready to use the internet. If you are redirected back to, disconnect your ethernet/wireless connection and then reconnect.

Failed Scan: If your computer failed to pass the scan, you will need to resolve the listed problems in order to access the internet. Failed scans are most often due to anti-virus software and/or operating systems being out of date. To minimize the risk of failing, check to see if everything is up to date before running the scan. Refer to the troubleshooting section below to fully understand how to resolve the problem(s).


A computer may fail to be registered for any of the following reasons.

  • Antivirus is out-dated or not supported.
    • Sophos Anti-Virus is installed by default on all Luther-owned workstations.
    • Faculty, staff, and students are required to acquire and install an anti-virus for their personally-owned computers. For your convenience, we have provided a list of anti-virus recommendations
  • Operating system is not supported. You must have Windows 7 or greater or MacOS 10.10 or greater.
  • Operating System is not fully patched. Apply updates from the Windows Updates tool or the Apple AppStore.
  • Computer already registered. If you have previously registered your computer, you will receive a message that the registration failed, but you will still be able to access the Luther College network.

Additional Tips

  • You can visit and register your computer before you come to campus.
  • As long as you use your computer on the Luther College Network once every four months, your machine will remain registered if you are a faculty, staff, or student. Guest computers will remain registered for 12 hours.