Printing is available to anyone on campus, including students, faculty, staff, and guests. ITS partners with Ricoh to provide specialty print services in the Document Center and maintain a modern printer fleet throughout campus. 

Student printing

There are numerous black & white printers available to students throughout campus. This includes a printer in every Residence Hall and most academic buildings and common areas. There are also cash-based specialty printing services in the Document Center and color printing in Preus Library.

Students are given a semester-based allowance for black & white printing, with the capacity to add their own funds using NordiCash. For convenience, many students choose to install Luther printers on their personally-owned devices, allowing them to start a print job from anywhere on campus. That job is held in a private queue on PaperCut, our print management service, until they are ready to pick up the print job. We recommend that new students visit the Technology Help Desk to have printers installed and to learn how to use PaperCut.

Because printers are plentiful and the printing allowance is more than sufficient for the vast majority of students, we recommend that students leave their personal printers at home. If a student does bring their own printer, we require them to disable any feature that would broadcast a wi-fi network.

Faculty/Staff printing

Faculty and staff can print from Luther-owned workstations to the printers within their departmental suite using an unlimited quota paid for by their department. We recommend printing through the Document Center for any job over 50 pages, as it is more cost effective. If faculty and staff need to use a printer in a lab or classroom, the job will need to be released from PaperCut, just like a student print job.

Faculty and staff should contact the Document Center if they need new printers installed or changes made to their current printers, like adding the ability to hold a print job for release at the printer. We ask that faculty and staff do their printing on their departmental printer. The Technology Help Desk does not install student or lab printers on employees’ personally-owned devices.

Guest printing

Guests can print in black & white from the public workstations in Preus Library and can order specialty prints (including color) in the Document Center on the lower level of the Main Building. The public-access printer in the Library is cash-only.


The Document Center services physical problems with printers across campus from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. For all other issues, including after-hours service, low paper, issues with PaperCut, and more, contact the Technology Help Desk.

For specialty printing, visit the Document Center on the lower level of Main. They can assist with a wide variety of services, including poster and booklet printing, color printing, odd-sizes, specialty papers, and large jobs.

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