Document Center Job Submission

Submitting Jobs


There are three ways to submit jobs to the Document Center:

  • TRAC—This is the preferred method for all faculty and staff.
    • Electronic Job Ticket
    • Use for either electronic files or submitting hard copies for reproduction
    • Add details and any necessary notes about job requirements
    • Select exact job due time and date
    • Select desired delivery method
    • Add billing information, if necessary
    • Submit
  • Email—This is the preferred method for students.
    • Send electronic files for reproduction
    • Request you provide necessary job details
    • Number of originals—think of this as if you were numbering your jobs pages like a book
    • Copies needed
    • Paper type—color, weight (thickness)
    • Paper size—8 1/2 x 11, 8 1/2 x 14, 11 x 17, Custom (provide size)
    • Due date and time
    • Number to call for questions
    • Specific details, if necessary, about job requirements
  • Hand Written Job ticket—This method is accepted, but the top two methods are preferred whenever possible.

Other Helpful Information:

  • Templates are available for your projects in multiple file formats. Please contact the Document Center with any questions for setting up specific sized posters, postcards, business cards, etc.
  • Training about the online submission tool TRAC is available. Please call extension 1631 for more information.
  • If for any reason a job cannot be completed in the time requested, the Document Center staff will immediately notify the requestor(s) and assist in identifying alternative arrangements.
  • As always, small urgent jobs that are sent or brought to the Document Center will be completed right away.
  • Rush jobs submitted via TRAC, under 2,000 impressions, and without special finishing will be completed and ready for pickup within 3 business hours and delivered within 4 business hours of submission. (Finishing services may require additional time.)
  • A secure chain of custody for duplication and delivery of sensitive materials is available by request. Call the Document Center at extension 1631 for more information.


The following are the types of original forms/files we accept:

  • Hard copy—paper form
  • Electronic—best reproduction—common formats listed below
    • PDF—normally the best choice
    • Microsoft Office—common formats listed below
      • Word
      • Publisher
      • Excel
      • PowerPoint

If using Microsoft Office, please convert the files to PDFs and send both file types to us.  That way we can proof the PDF to be sure formatting is not changing and have a choice to use the file the gives the best quality of output.

The original should be designed/created in the same size that you would like it reproduced. (If you create something 7.5 x 10 inches in PowerPoint and want us to print it out 27.5 x 30 inches, any pictures you placed in the file might get distorted/pixelated). We will make every attempt to produce the highest quality copy, but please remember that a reproduction is only as good as the original.

Copyright and Fair Use

Please consult with the Luther College copyright policy webpage.  Luther requires a standard form to be completed for all duplication requests made to the Library, the Book Shop, or the Document Center. A copy of the Copyright Declaration Form is available for download.