The art program nurtures, enriches, and strengthens our students' artistic spirits.

Why Study Art at Luther?

The study of the arts enhances perception and focus. Our students are challenged to solve problems, create, and think in new ways. Through the study of art, Luther students are prepared for a variety of careers and fields.

Our dedicated faculty. The art faculty and staff have unique sets of training, research interests, and interdisciplinary skills that make our program a hub of creativity, exploration, and discovery.

Private studio spaces. Junior and senior art majors are eligible for a variety of studio spaces on campus. These studios allow our students to grow as artists and prepare for their senior projects.

Why Study Art?

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A student prepares for his art project in Ben Moore's Painting class.

Our Commitment

As a community of artists, we model and promote positive actions to create safe environments for all people. The art program affirms the commitment to be active in: the creation of a welcoming community; the defense of the rights of all; and a continuing and unwavering condemnation for all forms of bias and oppression. We support and work to create a culture of gratitude for people of all race, gender, age, abilities, national origin, religion, and sexual orientation.

Painting of paper cranes from a painting class.
Luther students working in a pottery class.
Students work in a painting class.
A Luther student views drawings in a gallery.
Students work with clay in a pottery class in the Center for the Arts.
A student paints in a class taught by Professor Ben Moore.
A digital photography class with Professor Aaron Lurth.
A group project from Spring 2017's 3D processes course.
A student's work from a photography class.
A student draws in a drawing course.

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