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Be a highly effective business leader. Pair leadership practices and ethical decision-making skills to impact our global world as a management major at Luther College.

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Why Study Management?

How do you motivate workers? What is the optimal organizational structure for a business? How should you measure the performance of a team?

By studying management, you will find solutions to these business administration questions. You will learn the critical aspects of running any organization, whether as a CEO, an entrepreneur, a manager, or an executive director.

Management skills provide a solid foundation for success in business administration—and in any field. You will gain valuable insight into how the world works and how to work with other people to achieve amazing results.

Why Study Management at Luther?

Management is one of the most popular majors at Luther—for good reason. Our management faculty bring real-world experience and professional networks to the classroom.

You’ll also find internship opportunities at local Decorah businesses and organizations. You can get even more internship opportunities through our study-away programs.

Finally, our management students are part of the Luther liberal arts tradition. Our graduates have both excellent business skills and leadership abilities—an attractive plus for hiring managers.

Program Highlights

Study Away and Abroad

Immerse yourself in new environments while completing your major. Management students have opportunities to study and intern in Chicago, Washington, Europe, and more.

Business Scholarships

The Department of Economics, Accounting & Management awards a number of scholarships to students in the department. Scholarship amounts range from $500 to several thousand dollars.


Luther’s connected alumni network helps you find career opportunities and get professional work experience.

What You’ll Learn

As a management major at Luther, you’ll learn the skills and values needed to run for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Management Major

During your first two years, you’ll complete foundation courses that form the basis of the major. You’ll learn the principles of economics, statistics, accounting basics, data analysis, and math.

To complete your major, you will delve deeply into the theory and practice of business administration. You will take courses on management, marketing, human resource management, and financial management. You will also complete a senior project.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to take elective classes such as sales and promotion, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, international business, and project management.

Management Minor

A management minor consists of five classes. You will take accounting basics, principles of management, and an elective class. You will also choose two of the following three courses: principles of marketing, human resource management, and financial management.

A minor in management is an ideal addition to most areas of study. It provides the knowledge needed to connect the business and human elements of any organization. It can also be helpful with starting your own business.

Whether you take the management major or minor, you will have a strong grasp on analyzing practical and ethical dilemmas, thinking critically, and working together as a team.


Careers and Outcomes

Luther management major graduates are in high demand. Within one year of graduating, 94 percent of our management major students are employed or seeking advanced degrees.

Career Fields

  • Private business (financial analysis, sales)
  • Human resources
  • Real estate
  • Medicine/health (sales)
  • Restaurant/hospitality (management)
  • Computing/information systems (management, programming, sales)
  • Business analysis/operations management
  • Insurance (sales)
  • Banking (management/loans)
  • Merchandising/sales/marketing
  • Agriculture/ranching


  • Target Corporation
  • Best Buy
  • John Deere
  • Epic
  • Wells Fargo
  • Adobe
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cargill
  • IBM
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Medtronic
  • UnitedHealthcare

Many Luther business students work toward advanced degrees, either within their chosen discipline or at a professional school, such as law school.

I decided to study management coupled with visual communication. Visual communication provides me with design skills, and management hones my critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are so vital to my desired profession. The management major can also be shaped by each student’s interests, which has allowed me to tailor my education more towards a career in advertising and marketing.

Marin Leone '23
Management and Visual Communication Major

Washington Semester

Spend a semester learning and completing a business internship in our nation’s capital. You will spend four days a week interning at places like the U.S. Capitol Building or Washington-based start-ups. You’ll also receive academic credit for classes, which you will take in the early evenings.

3 white men in business attire talk to each other

Shape Your Major

The management major can be combined with other academic programs to create a degree that meets your interests.

Students interested in careers in sports management can combine a management major and selected health and physical education courses.

Students interested in careers in arts management can complete a major in art, dance, music, or theatre and a minor in management or a major in management and a minor in art, dance, music, or theatre.

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