Room Reservations

Megan Pitz

Campus Programming Office Coordinator

  • Reserves meeting rooms and classrooms in the following campus locations:
    • Center for Faith and Life
    • Dahl Centennial Union
    • Main
    • Loyalty
    • Larson
    • Olin
    • Farwell Lounge
    • Baker Commons
    • Library Lawn
    • Bentdahl Commons
    • Brunsdale Lounge
    • Valders Hall of Science
  • Creates the Bulletin released on Tuesdays and Fridays

Kristi Knutson

Administrative Assistant, Music Department

  • Reserves rooms located in Jenson-Noble

Michelle Einck

Administrative Assistant, Valders and Sampson Hoffland Laboratories

  • Reserves rooms in Valders Hall of Science and Sampson Hoffland Laboratories

Eunice Biel

Administrative Assistant, Visual and Performing Arts/Communication Studies

Reserves rooms in the Center for the Arts

Alex Smith

Associate Director of Athletics Operations

  • Reserves rooms in the Regents Center