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You did it! Your generosity has blown us away. Your donations were doubled and tripled by over $500,000 in matching donations from our very generous Gnome Team and we couldn't be more grateful!

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Young Alumni Challenge - Unlock $200 if you graduated in the last 10 years

Service Hours Challenge - Unlock $10 for every service hour worked from February 20–March 20 (up to 10 hours)!


• Megan Torkelson ‘05, Associate Director of Annual Giving

• Eric Ellingsen ‘99, Technical Services Assistant

Stream Schedule

8 a.m. Introduction and welcome with Megan
8:30 a.m. Student Senate (student group)
9 a.m. Paul Atkins, director of campus programming and Kendall Thompson, head technician of campus programming
9:30 a.m. Black Student Union (student group)
10 a.m. Jim Martin-Schramm, professor of religion
10:30 a.m. Catholic Student Community (student group)
11 a.m. Presidential Pop-In with President Paula J. Carlson
11:30 a.m. Olga Michels, professor of chemistry
12 p.m. Cooking with Caleb Timp, Luther's executive chef
12:30 p.m. Update with Megan
1 p.m. Choir Directors Andrew Last, director of choral activities and associate professor of music, Jennaya Robison, assistant professor of music, and Mark Potvin, instructor in music
1:30 p.m. Coaches Panel with Renae Hartl, director of intercollegiate athletics, Chris Garcia-Prats, head men's soccer coach and asst. athletic director, and Steven Fleagle, head men's and women's track and field coach
2 p.m. Alpha Phi Omega (student group)
2:30 p.m. Victoria Christman, director of the Center for Ethics and Public Engagement and associate professor of history
3 p.m. Beautiful Mess (student group)
3:30 p.m. Tau Delta Gamma (student group)
4 p.m. Preus Library Student Workers
4:30 p.m. Caf to Community (student group)
5 p.m. Presidential Pop-In and Future Norse
5:30 p.m. Gnome's Choice (our gnomies will pick one of their favorite segments to replay!)
6 p.m. Habitat for Humanity (student group)
6:30 p.m. Gnome's Choice (our gnomies will pick one of their favorite segments to replay!)
7 p.m. Ballroom and Swing (student group)
7:30 p.m. Closing with Megan


H. Frank '72 and Janet Andersen

Jeffrey '84 and MaryEllen (Palmquist) Anderson '84

Avis (Lovell) Andre '57

Donna (Haugen) Bahr '53

Stephen '68 and Lois (Hoeger) Bakke '68

Rosemary Barenz '78

Dennis and Doris Barnaal

Mary Lou (Greenheck) '62 and Jerome Baryenbruch

Ann (Birdsall) '71 and Byron Beasley

Matthew '92 and Kristine Beatty

Owen Bekkum

Adam '93 and Linnea (West) Benson '95

Ann Bentdahl '85 and Roger Smith

Thomas Berven '63

Charles '60 and Dagny Hexom Boebel'61

Amy (Carlson) '92 and Keith Bruening '80

Carol (Denbrook) Buesgens '67

Joseph Bullerman

Michael and Diane Burk

David Carlson '85

Cynthia (Aal) '63 and R. Eric Carlson '61

Paula Carlson and Thomas Schattauer

Bradley and Julie (Torkelson) Chamberlain '96

Alfred and Holli Chan

Rocklon '73 and Barb (Donaldson) Chapin '73

Dennis '63 and Ann (Henningsgaard) Christ '66

Anne (Marking) '62 and Myrvin Christopherson

Martha Jo (Engen) Church '67

Ryan '96 and Heather Cogswell

Craig Cornelius '74 and Ann Hadden-Cornelius

John '60 and Diane Crawford

Erno '52 and Suzanne (Preus) Dahl '53

Steven Dahm '77 and Laurie Wolf-Dahm

Wendy (Jaycox)'92 and Thor Davidson '93

Leilani Hovden De Muth '61

Mary (Henzler) '66 and Howard Deters '66

Rodney '80 and Lisa Dir

Ronald '64 and Barbara (Erickson) Dodd '67

Pamela Doorenbos '88

Louise Dovre Bjorkman '82 and John Bjorkman

Alice (Ranum) '49 and Leonard Drake

Shannon (Miller) '95 and DeLane Duval

Randa Duvick '78 and Dave Grosnick

Kenneth Ehler

Tami Ehlers '01

Susan (Nystrom) '95 and David Ellis

Daryl '61 and Audrey (Pederson) Erdman '61

Peter Espinosa '81 and Kari Tollefson Espinosa '84

Evelyn (Fruechte) Estenson '48

Shawn '94 and Mari (Scheetz) Eyestone '94

Kenneth Faust '68 and Flavia Lee-Faust

Dennis '68 and Jean Flatness

Ann (Stauffer) '66 and Richard Flisrand

Gene Frank '69

Arnold Fredriksen '56

Wilmer '48 and Margaret (Nelson) Fure '48

Chris '86 and Marne Gade

Paul '84 and Sonja (Shatzer) Gibbs '84

Rolfe '64 and Carol Gjellstad

Rufus '74 and Debra (Hopson) Glasper '73

Richard and Ellie Goers

Judith Gray '69

Allen '76 and Zenola Green

Thomas '83 and Allison (Nichols) Greenwald '82

Joseph '98 and Ann Grimstad

Larry and Diane Grimstad

Barbara (Lee) '52 and Eugene Haak

Gary and Linda Hagen

Douglas and Bonnie Hanggi

Major Gen. Scott Hanson '80

Naomi (Borreson) Hanson '61

Lori Happel-Jarratt '89 and Al Jarratt

Derek Hartl

Ann (Dallman) '74 and John Havey

George '97 and Nicole (Voss) Hawkinson '98

Dennis '63 and Nancy (Hass) Hendrickson '62

Steven '73 and Virginia (Fixsen) Hendrickson '72

Elaine Ottmers Hill '77 and Paul Hill

James '66 and Nancy (Lofthus) Hill '68

Agnes (Grevstad) Hjelle '60

Stephanie Hoff '74

Margery Hoppin

Robert '65 and Siv Hovey

Jared Illg '02

Steven '69 and Edith (Held) Jacobsen '69

Kathleen Jacobsen

Jane Jakoubek

Ronald '58 and Carol (Rasmussen) James '61

Carol Jensen '69

James and Wendy Jermier

Dietrich Jessen '15

Orville and Kathleen Johnson

Katherine Johnson-Becklin

Robert Jones and Kathryn Vigen

Sandra (Neitzel) '87 and Jonathan Joppa '85

Caryn (Zange) '83 and Jim Josephson

Mark '01 and Kate (Brothen) Keiper '00

Joel '91 and Susan (Hansen) Kindem '91

Joy Hovick Kissel '93 and Kevin Kissel

Helen (Erickson) Kissel '56

Wayne '61 and Alyce Kivell

Kenneth '62 and Judith (Hestenes) Knutson '61

Paula Knutson

Joanne (Gray) Kolstad '53

Kevin and Barbara Kraus

Michael '87 and Amy (Larsen) Krull '89

Meredith Kvalness '69

Richard and Jane Kyle

Donna Lager '79 and Steven Jacobsen

Corey and Ann Landstrom

April Ulring Larson '72 and Judd Larson '74

Walter '57 and Helen Laughlin

James and Joanne Laxson

Mark '98 and Marta (Lane) Leach '02

Jon '62 and Stefani (Monson) Lee '62

Lois Leffler '59

Jess '90 and Janet (Wagamon) Lewis '91

Tamra (Takle) '94 and Michael Lewis

David Lidvall '78

David Lietz '88 and Suzette Westlyn Derrevere

James '80 and Renee Lillibridge

Kathryn (Jordan) '81 and Charles Litow

Jerrold '62 and Elizabeth Lokensgard

Elaine (Wischhoff) Looft '57 and Bill Schulz

Richard '72 and Marcia Lund

Lyle '70 and Susan (Johnston) Luzum '70

Kirsten (Severson) '96 and Michel Lynch


Christine Magnuson '74

John and Rebecca Mason

Janet (Hernes) '83 and Todd Mathistad

Gary McKercher '71

Elaine McLean

Jaimee McPadden '00

Carolyn (Roehl) '82 and Derek Melby

Todd '93 and Nicole Michaels

Matthew '97 and Amy (Cheney) Miller '98

Suzanne (Roverud) '96 and Corey Mineck

Joshua Moe '05 and Chris Schuster

David Moen '82 and Karen Skoglund Moen '82

Tim and Laura Mueller

Michael Musgrave '86

Karoline Myers '08

James and Ramona Myott

Gerald '62 and Andrea (Cowles) Nelson '63

Rod Nelson '70

Robert '53 and Jeanne Nelson

Peter '97 and Jennifer (Larsen) Newburg '99

Chip '82 and Jari Norris

Andrew Nottleson '90 and Lizabeth Diekema '90

Ronald '54 and Frieda (Mindrum) Nowland '54

Amie (Barsch) '92 and Scott Odahl

Kristen (Kollmorgen) '88 and Lon Olejniczak

Erik Olson '05

David '79 and Siobhan Olson

Michael Osterholm '75

Barbara (Neumann) '58 and Paul Parker

J. Robert '78 and Barbara Paulson

Jeffrey '91 and Amber Pedersen

Dale and Judy Peter

Bill '68 and Marlene Pettit

Connie Plaehn '75

Shirley Ploegstra

Catherine Powers '73 and David Bower

Penelope (Smith) '77 and David Pratt

Jonathan '61 and Mary Preus '63

Janice Rambow Beatty '77

Ann Rathe '87

Scot Reisinger '96 and Heather Schacht Reisinger '96

Curtis Reiso '54

David Reitz '79

Richard '69 and Donna Rima

Stephen Ritter '96

John '68 and Ruth (Gordon) Rollefson '69

Richard '61 and Julaine Rud

Marion (Bjerke) Rude '52

Eric and Anna Runestad

Aaron Sande '98 and Megan McCall Sande '99

David '95 and Jodi Schimberg

Ross Schipper '69

Jodi Schlender Dabrowski '95 and Stan Dabrowski

Corey '98 and Tonya (Schwers) Schmidt '97

James '71 and Janice (Kjeldsen) Schroeder '70

Jon Schroeder '76

Lisa Scott

Rebecca (Linnevold) '71 and Robert Shaw

Erik '01 and Kaia (Nordal) Sherburne '04

Anjela Shutts '93 and Peter Kitundu

Nancy (Bye) '66 and Ronald Sime

Allan '60 and LaVonne (Leng) Solomonson '61

Allen '63 and Judith Soltow

Arne '80 and Ruth Sorenson

Steve '72 and Susan Sorenson

Susan Sorlien '73 and Thomas Jones

John Stalbaum '67 Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher

John '58 and Donna (Ferden) Suby '59

Genevieve (Plagens) '07 and Nathaniel Swanson

Adam Syverson '02

Melanie (Nelles) '97 and Sean Tafaro

Denise (Wills) '86 and David Thoen

Chad '92 and Melissa (Bonikowske) Thomley '93

James '86 and Kathy (Winter) Thomsen '85

Diane (Baum) '72 and Gaylord Thormodsgard

Jaime (Rowe) '00 and Matthew Titus '01

Paul '73 and Rebecca (Larson) Torgerson '73

Karl '95 and Kirsten (Pedersen) Treiber '95

Daniel '97 and Stephanie Tresemer

Ted '55 and Janet (Campbell) Tweed '55

Chinyere and Onyebuchi Ukabiala

Ragna Urberg '86

Harold '69 and Lynette (Ellingson) Usgaard '70

Lance '79 and Shari Vander Linden

Steven Vick '73

Judith (Johnson) '88 and Paul Vijums

Aimee Viniard-Weideman and Jeffrey Weideman

Michael Voltmer '74

Norris Waalen '72 and Hollis Krug Waalen

George '63 and Joyce (Behrens) Wallman '65

Anne (Potter) '92 and Mike Walters

Cassandra Warner '85

Barbara (Stolfa) '68 and David Weaver

Caroline (Hjerleid) '62 and James Weis

Steven '75 and Mary Wettach

Samuel '08 and Brianna (Helland) Weyers '08

Carolyn (Forde) White '61

Melissa Willenborg '02

Warren Wind '58

Kristi Wold '81 and Jean De Ridder

Philip '82 and Laura (Holcomb) Wold '83

Thomas '88 and Susan (Ellefson) Wolle '89

Ellen Woodard-Colletta '82 and Giuseppe Colletta

David '71 and Kay Wulf

Susan Yeager '68

James '81 and Jodi (Palma) Young '81

Robert '67 and Jeanne (Engler) Zaske '67

Brandon Zembal '02 and Tanea Mahanna

Trivia is complete! How well do you know Luther? Each hour, there will be two trivia questions posted here (for a total of 20 questions throughout the day). The person who has the most correct answers when we end at 7:00 p.m. will win a Luther College sweatshirt! Make sure you tune into the live stream at 7:30 p.m. to hear the winner announced live on the air!

Congratulations to Katie Hendrikson '18 for winning Giving Day Trivia! She will win a sweatshirt from the Luther College Bookshop.

9 to 10 a.m.

What is the oldest building on campus?
Campus House

Who was the first leader of Luther's Black Student Union?
Melvin Whitfield '69

10 to 11 a.m.

How many countries and geographic regions are represented by all current Luther students?

When did KWLC open?
December 18, 1926

11 to 12 p.m.

What percentage of all power consumed on Luther's campus does the wind turbine provide?

Dancing was prohibited at Luther until...

12 to 1 p.m.

The installation of a pulper in the Luther cafeteria has cut back our organic food waste by _____%?

How many Rhodes Scholars has Luther graduated?

1 to 2 p.m.

Baker Village is powered by the sun and what other renewable resource?

How tall is the Martin Luther statue (NOT including the base, statue only)?
10 feet

2 to 3 p.m.

Who was Luther's first time full-time librarian?
Karl Jacobsen

How many residence hall rooms does Luther have?

3 to 4 p.m.

What year did Luther have its first baseball team

Which building on campus is LEED Gold Certified?
Sampson Hoffland Laboratories

4 to 5 p.m.

What was the first thing broadcast on KWLC? Please provide the work and the person who delivered it.
A reading of the Gettysburg Address by President Olson

What was the first on-campus event as part of the celebration of 50 years of the Black Student Union?
Gospel Sunday

5 to 6 p.m.

What year was the first issue of CHIPS published?

When was the requirement to take both Greek and Latin dropped

6 to 7 p.m.

What was the last state needed to complete today's 50 state challenge?

What day does Oneota Market serve Asian Bowl as its special?
Tuesday or Friday is correct