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THANK YOU! You're the best. We have the most wonderful AND generous alumni, family, and friends and we are grateful for your support of #LutherGives20.

If you missed making a gift during #LutherGives20, you can always make a gift at givenow.luther.edu. You certainly did go big AND go gnome!

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You did it! Your generosity has blown us away. We couldn't be more grateful!

50 States Challenge

When we get at least one donor from each of the 50 states, we unlock $10,000 for the Luther Fund!

Go Big and Go Gnome Super Awesome Gnome Team Challenge! - One big challenge matches your donations (All Day)

Power Hours Challenge - Triple your impact!

Young Alumni Challenge - Unlock $200 if you graduated in the last 10 years

Service Hours Challenge - Unlock $10 for every service hour worked from February 20–March 20 (up to 10 hours)!


Megan (Minnihan) Torkelson ‘05, Giving Day Gnome-in-Chief and Associate Director of Annual Giving

Stream Schedule

3:00 p.m. Introduction and Welcome with Megan and President Jenifer K. Ward
3:20 p.m. Luther Bookstore Fashion Show
3:40 p.m. Coaches Panel with Yarrow Pasche, Director of Women's Track and Field and Cross Country, Adam Strand, Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach, and Aaron Zander, Head Coach of Men's & Women's Swimming and Diving
4:00 p.m. Alumni Ambassador Program with Alyssa Ritter, Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Julie Trytten, Assistant Director of Admissions
4:20 p.m. Jayme Nelson, Associate Professor of Nursing
4:40 p.m. Check-in with Megan
5:00 p.m. Class of 2020 Senior Giving Campaign (student group)
5:20 p.m. Lindsey Row-Heyveld, Associate Professor of English
5:40 p.m. Sustainability Educators (student group)
6:00 p.m. Maren Johnson, Assistant Professor of Nordic Studies
6:20 p.m. Dance Marathon (student group)
6:40 p.m. Closing with Megan


Jeffrey '84 and MaryEllen (Palmquist) Anderson '84

Jeffrey '89 and Angela (Carlson) Arndt '88

Brent R. Aspli '90 and Susan Asplin

Glenn '62 and Karen (Swain) Austad '62

Donald '69 and Edie Bachman

Vern '61 and Janet (Jorgenrud) Barlow '59

Mary Lou (Greenheck) '62 and Jerome Baryenbruch

Kurt '79 and Gretchen (Andersen) Belgum '82

Kathryn (Melcher) '71 and Bradley Benke

Ann Bentdahl '85 and Roger Smith

Donald '56 and Barbara Berg

Stephen '69 and Gracia (Kraabel) Blanchard '69

Charles '60 and Dagny Hexom Boebel '61

William '95 and Kirsten (Stumme) Bohmer '94

Wilbert '70 and Janice (Olson) Bond '72

Jason Burgart '03 and Melissa Stull '03

Michael and Diane Burk

Jonathan '04 and Miranda Butler

Bradley and Julie (Torkelson) Chamberlain '96

Larry '65 and Karen (Aaker) Chellevold '65

Dennis '63 and Ann (Henningsgaard) Christ '66

Diane (Buros) '69 and Kent Christensen

Rodney '79 and Deborah Christensen

Michel and Karen Clark

Kristine Cleary '78 and Peter Coffey

Steven '79 and Jo Corson

John '60 and Diane Crawford

Janice (Tilleros) '65 and David Cronin

Joyce (Hoffman) '77 and Craig Cummings

Kenneth Dahlberg '84 and Mari Espeland

Greg '73 and Kathryn (Sorensen) Dahlberg '73

Michael Danforth '95 and Eva Nielsen '96

Larry '67 and Betty (Johnson) Danielson '68

Wendy (Jaycox) '92 and Thor Davidson '93

William '71 and Joanne (Wells) Decker '72

Madison and Beverly Dengler

Diane (Anderson) '88 and Apperjit Dhillon

David '69 and Bonnie Dickson

Jeannine (Schroeder) '59 and Michel D'Orazio

Alice (Ranum) '49 and Leonard Drake

Ruth Drews '76 and John Riggs

Shannon (Miller) '95 and DeLane Duval

Donald and Glenda Eggerling

Charles '73 and Janice (Knutson) Engebretson '74

Kara (Lovett) '99 and Russ Epperson

Robert and Gina Erickson

Peter Espinosa '81 and Kari Tollefson Espinosa '84

John '69 and Janet Fischer

Dani '79 and Tia Fjelstad

Dennis '68 and Jean Flatness

Ann (Stauffer) '66 and Richard Flisrand

Paul '69 and Patricia (Dahl) Formo '69

Michael '69 and Joyce (Jensen) Fossum '69

K. Edward '68 and Jean (Knutson) Fry '68

Chris '86 and Marne Gade

Gary '74 and Sandra Gilderhus

Steven '76 and Julie (Huntting) Grandgeorge '77

Allen '76 and Zenola Green

Kristopher '82 and Kathryn (Willi) Gregersen '81

James '62 and Karen (Woinowsky) Griffin '64

Joseph '98 and Ann Grimstad

Larry and Diane Grimstad

Ben and Padrin Grimstad

Barbara (Lee) '52 and Eugene Haak

James '72 and Susan (Hammond) Haemker '74

Gary and Linda Hagen

George and Joann Hagen

Suzanne (Knoll) '65 and John Hales

Mark and Barbara Hanawalt

Sheri (Osborne) '98 and William Hansen

Lori Happel-Jarratt '89 and Al Jarratt

Debra (Lietz) '87 and Andrew Hare

Derek Hartl

James Heaton '90 and Kristin Jensen Heaton '93

John '93 and Kristin (Stenson) Helberg '91

Sarah (Reisinger) '00 and Frank Hester

James '66 and Nancy (Lofthus) Hill '68

Philip '98 and Lorelee Hood

Steven '00 and Mindra (Freeman) Hudak '00

Lori (Rose) '79 and Doug Hutchison

Bob '69 and Nancy Hutson

Steven '69 and Edith (Held) Jacobsen '69

William and Dorene Jensen

Curtis '84 and Lisa (Villarreal) Johnson '86

Keith '69 and Mary (Bay) Johnson '69

Katherine Johnson-Becklin

Sandra (Neitzel) '87 and Jonathan Joppa '85

Anna Kabe '05 and Travis Kokal

Gary '71 and Jeanellen Kallevang

David '84 and Denise Keay

David '69 and Susan (Kosowski) Keller '68

Alice (Hogenson) Kienberger-Iverson '54

Joel '91 and Susan (Hansen) Kindem '91

Michael '89 and Julie Kinsel

Joshua '03 and Erica (Crowser) Klaetsch '04

William '70 and Carolyn (Peterson) Kobler '70

Barbara (Noe) '78 and David Koch

Jessica (Wrobel) '03 and Preston Koenig

Kevin and Barbara Kraus

Jon Kucera '74 and Susan Graham

George Kuh '68 and Suzanne Young

Donna Lager '79 and Steven Jacobsen

Corey and Ann Landstrom

Walter '52 and Adeline (Lovstuen) Langland '50

Robert and Marilynn Larson

David '69 and Julie Larson

John '69 and Susan Larson

Ping-Yee '69 and Judy Law

Jennifer (Carlson) '86 and John Lembezeder

Ann Leon '75

Martha Lionberger '79 and Paul McQuade

William '67 and Karen (Porter) Long '67

Maxine Losen

Russell '58 and Juanita (Zeman) Loven '56

Kirsten (Severson) '96 and Michel Lynch

Daniel '83 and Ann (Wise) Mansfield '79

Lisa Manzey Adelmann '87 and Steve Adelmann

Brian '71 and Linda (Porter) Martinat '71

Roger Mayland '75 and Deborah Ringdahl '77

Ronald McCabe '71 and Deborah Martin McCabe '71

Deborah (Olson) '75 and Terry McCann

Sonja (Smith) '85 and Joe Meyer

Tom Mittman '75 and Laura Stunz

Joel Mjolsness '74 and Jory Segal

Maurice and Ruth Monhardt

Duane '68 and Kirsten (Monson) Monick '68

Martin '89 and Amy Monson

Adam '99 and Kelly (Millberg) Nelson '99

Judith Haugen Nelson '61 and Grant Nelson

Millard and LaVonne Nelson

Rolfe '70 and Mary (Ziemer) Nervig '70

David '77 and Linda Ness

David '77 and Mary Kay Nichols

Katherine (Perrault) '99 and Jeffrey Nordquist

Russell and Anna Norris

Chip '82 and Jari Norris

Andrew Nottleson '90 and Lizabeth Diekema '90

Eileen O'Brien Denner '84 and Keith Denner

Christine Olsen '78 and Tom Rothengass

Michael Osterholm '75

J. Robert '78 and Barbara Paulson

Allen '69 and Karen (Anderson) Peckham '69

Joan (Rohlf) '81 and Kurt Peterson

Luther '68 and Bonnie Peterson

Steven '77 and Kathleen Peterson

Hamlet '54 and Suzanne Peterson

Connie Plaehn '75

David '93 and Rebecca Poetker

Steven '78 and Solveig (Storvick) Pollei '79

James '69 and Katherine (Olson) Potter '70

Paula Nassen Poulos '69 and Peter Poulos

Jonathan '61 and Mary Preus '63

LaVerne '59 and Janice (Egeberg) Quass '59

Craig '92 and Renee (Lysne) Rabe '95

Mary Vaaler Reimann '87 and Timothy Reimann

Jonathan '04 and Sara Rem

Richard '69 and Donna Rima

Rick Roehrkasse '69 and Sylvia Davis

J. Aaron '91 and Carolyn (Nelson) Romine '91

Richard '61 and Julaine Rud

Uwe Rudolf and Ruth Caldwell

Eric and Anna Runestad

Michael '68 and Barbara Ruzek

David '69 and Susan (Helleckson) Ruzek '69

Gordon '63 and Joan (Peterson) Sando '63

Steve Schaver '76 and Asunta Eizaguirre

Corey '98 and Tonya (Schwers) Schmidt '97

Lisa Scott

Catherine (Severson) '92 and Alan Sedacca

Joshua Severson '06 and Jennifer Knapp Severson '01

Thomas '67 and Mary Severson

Robert '69 and Judith (Brimmell) Severson '69

Bradley '94 and Kelli (Pauling) Shidler '99

Anjela Shutts '93 and Peter Kitundu

Marlene (Miller) '77 and William Slough

William '68 and Lynda (Mills) Smith '68

Larry '63 and Aniko Solomonson

Arne '80 and Ruth Sorenson

Susan Sorlien '73 and Thomas Jones

Stephen Sporer

Carl '79 and Paula (Leacox) Stecker '78

Robert '78 and Suzana Steinmetz

Steven '81 and Carmen (Hansen) Stenhaug '82

David '70 and Esther Stenson

Adam Syverson '02

Melanie (Nelles) '97 and Sean Tafaro

Eugene '66 and Miriam (Nelson) Takle '66

Chad '92 and Melissa (Bonikowske) Thomley '93

James '86 and Kathy (Winter) Thomsen '85

Diane (Baum) '72 and Gaylord Thormodsgard

Steven '77 and Deb Thorson

Richard and Judith Torgerson

Karl '95 and Kirsten (Pedersen) Treiber '95

Ted '55 and Janet (Campbell) Tweed '55

Chinyere and Onyebuchi Ukabiala

Lee '78 and Maggie Valenta

Lance '79 and Shari Vander Linden

Marilee Kelly Vogel '81 and Eric Vogel

Nathan '03 and Meredith (Welton) Voight '04

Norris Waalen '72 and Hollis Krug Waalen

Nancy Wagner '83 and Mike Connly

Dr. Jenifer K. Ward

Ruth Ward Schraeder '88 and Neil Schraeder

Janet (Storhoff) '69 and Larry Weber

Kristin Weeks Duncanson '81 and Patrick Duncanson

Caroline (Hjerleid) '62 and James Weis

Roger '79 and Mary (DeVoe) Wetlaufer '79

Rolland '60 and Sharon (Jacobson) Wilson '60

Larry Winter '83 and Jane Lee Winter

Kristi Wold '81 and Jean De Ridder

James '81 and Jodi (Palma) Young '81

Duane '58 and Bea (Romness) Youngdahl '58

Robert '67 and Jeanne (Engler) Zaske '67

Brandon Zembal '02 and Tanea Mahanna

Jennifer (Johnson) '84 and Peter Zuppan

Trivia is complete! How well do you know Luther? Each hour, there will be two trivia questions posted here (for a total of 12 questions throughout the day). The person who has the most correct answers when we end at 7:00 p.m. will win a Luther College travel mug!

Congratulations to Anne Marie (Ouverson) Bice '01 for winning Giving Day Trivia! She will win a travel mug from the Luther College Bookshop.