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THANK YOU! You're the best. We have the most wonderful AND generous alumni, family, and friends and we are grateful for your support of #LutherGives17.

If you missed making a gift during #LutherGives17, you can always make a gift at You certainly did go big AND go gnome!


Final Stretch Challenge - $17 match, up to $1,700, for first time donors and donors who haven't given in awhile (8 pm - 10 pm)

Des Moines Area Challenge - 125 donors unlock $10,000 (All Day)

Washington, D.C. Area Challenge - 75 donors unlock $1,500 (All Day)

Decorah Area Challenge - 200 donors unlock $5,000 (All Day)

Faculty and Staff Honoring Challenge - Dollar-for-dollar match for gifts made in honor of a faculty or staff member, up to $50,000 (All Day)

Parents Council Challenge - Dollar-for-dollar match up to $5,000 (4 pm - 10 pm)

Vicki Donhowe Phonathon Challenge - Dollar-for-dollar match up to $1,500 (6 pm - 8 pm)

Go Big and Go Gnome Super Awesome Regents Surprise Challenge! - 600 more to 1,200 donors unlock $50,000 (All Day)

Computer Science and Economics/Business Challenge - 100 donors unlock $2,000 (1 pm - 7 pm)

#WeAreLuther Faculty and Staff Challenge - Dollar-for-dollar match up to $10,000 (7 am - 5 pm)

Sustainability Challenge - Dollar-for-dollar match up to $1,500 (2 pm - 4 pm)

Sail Norse Challenge - Dollar-for-dollar match up to $9,500 (12 pm - 10 pm)

Sweethearts Challenge - 50 Luther couples unlock $5,000 (11 am - 12 pm)

Warmly Weston Music Challenge - Dollar-for-dollar match up to $12,500 (10 am - 10 pm)

Totally All That 90s Challenge - Gifts from 150 graduates from the 90s unlock $5,000 (9 am - 2 pm)

Whippy Dip Challenge - Dollar-for-dollar match up to $10,000 (8 am - 10 pm)

Go Big and Go Gnome Super Awesome Regents Challenge - 600 donors unlock $50,000 (All Day)

50 State Challenge - One donor from every 50 states unlocks $50,000 (All Day)

Stream Schedule

8:00 am Introduction to Giving Day
8:30 am Explanation of Challenges/Structure of the day
9:00 am Pedro dos Santos, Assistant Professor of Political Science
9:30 am Freeda Brook, Acquisitions and Resource Management Librarian
10:00 am Just Action (student group)
10:30 am Olga Michels, Associate Professor of Chemistry
11:00 am Mona Nelson, Professor of Accounting and Management and Ryan Torkelson, Assistant Professor of Accounting
11:30 am Victoria Christman, Associate Professor of History
12:00 pm Coaches Panel: Renae Hartl, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Head Softball Coach, Bryan Nikkel, Head Baseball Coach, Chris Garcia-Prats, Head Men’s Soccer Coach, Russ Schouweiller, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
12:40 pm Presidential Pop-In with President Carlson
1:00 pm Lefse demo with Renee & Jim Lillibridge ’80
1:30 pm Jackie Wilkie, Professor of History and Aidan Spencer, Student
2:00 pm David Faldet, Professor of English
2:30 pm Thomas C. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
3:00 pm Meghan Barker, Project Manager for the Center for Sustainable Communities
3:30 pm Jayme Nelson, Associate Professor of Nursing and Laurie Bouska, Assistant Professor of Nursing
4:00 pm Holly Moore, Associate Professor of Philosophy
4:30 pm Dan Davis, Assistant Professor of Classics
5:00 pm Ben Moore, Associate Professor of Art
5:30 pm Luther College Dance Marathon (student group)
6:00 pm HOLA-Enlaces (student group)
6:30 pm Student Senate (student group)
7:00 pm PRIDE (student group)
7:30 pm LC Ballroom & Swing (student group)


• Megan Torkelson ’05, Assistant Director of Annual Giving
• James Odegaard ’15, Student Engagement Coordinator
• Jeni Grouws, Local Radio Personality
• Patrick Larson ’17
• Hunter Yrigoyen ’17

What is #luthergives17?
#luthergives17 is Luther’s second annual Giving Day. From 7am-10pm CST the Luther family joins together in sharing pride-filled social media posts, meeting donor challenges, and watching the 12-hour live stream from Marty’s. It’s our time to get our gnome on and celebrate this amazing community!

Why #luthergives17?
We value this community and know you do, too! This is our chance to join together in making a big impact on Luther’s Annual Fund. The Annual Fund supports scholarships, academics, and living at Luther. Thanks to many generous challenge donors, #luthergives17 offers the chance to double, triple, quadruple or even more, the impact of your gift! Let’s go big AND go gnome!

What is a challenge? How do they work?
Challenges are matching gifts that are offered to those who qualify– and trust us your gift will qualify! View the complete list of challenges. Each challenge works a little differently, but all take your gift to the next level by making a bigger impact.

Is there a limit to how many challenges I can meet with one gift? Do I need to pick one over another?
We want to maximize your gift to Luther, so there is no limit on how many challenges your gift can unlock. The only limit is time! Keep an eye out throughout the day for new challenges that appear and to see updates on our progress.

Where can I see what’s happening on campus?
Click the Social tab to see a feed of posts celebrating #luthergives17 from all across the country! Be sure to post your own photos and updates using the hashtag and see them come across the feed as well. You can also tune in to our 12-hour live stream from Marty’s. Student groups, faculty/staff interviews, and more will make this a must-see. Don’t worry – we won’t tell if you leave it up in a browser window all day.

What’s the deal with the gnome?
This little guy is a bucket of all things good in the world, not the least of which being a ton of Luther pride! He is a top-notch athlete, an outstanding musician, a brilliant scientist, an excellent linguist, a stunning scholar of the humanities, and he really loves Sunnyside cinnamon rolls. Just say you love Luther and he’ll be your best friend for life. Which, as you may now realize, means he has a lot of best friends. We’re glad to count you among us!