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THANK YOU! You're the best. We have the most wonderful AND generous alumni, family, and friends and we are grateful for your support of #LutherGives.

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Young Alumni Challenge

Calling all recent grads! If you graduated from 2011–2020, your donation of at least $5 will unlock $200!

Service Hours Challenge

Any volunteer hours you provide from February 25 – March 25 will unlock $10 per hour (up to 10 hours) today!

50 States Challenge

When we get at least one donor from each of the 50 states, we unlock $10,000 for the Luther Fund!

Go Big and Go Gnome Super Awesome Gnome Team Challenge! - One big challenge matches your donations (All Day)

Power Hours Challenge - Triple your impact!

Young Alumni Challenge - Unlock $200 if you graduated in the last 10 years

Service Hours Challenge - Unlock $10 for every service hour worked from February 25 – March 25 (up to 10 hours)!

Anonymous (4)

Randy '81 and Kathleen Adams

Bruce '68 and Janis (Zube) Altorfer '70

H. Frank '72 and Janet Andersen

Jeffrey '84 and MaryEllen (Palmquist) Anderson '84

Gene '63 and Barbara (Langdon) Anderson '73

Wendell Arneson '68 and Beth Christensen

Julie (Jensen) '98 and Thomas Assel

Bob and Audrey Atchison

Roger '63 and Eleanor (Roe) Ault '64

Ruth Bachman '75 and Thomas Gallagher

Andrew '08 and Amanda Bailey

Robert '87 and Connie (Huisinga) Barrett '87

Michael and Dina Barron

Robert '70 and Karen (Strum) Bear '70

Charles '73 and Ann (Christensen) Beatty '75

Kathryn (Melcher) '71 and Bradley Benke

Ann Bentdahl '85 and Roger Smith

Dennis '64 and Suzanne Birkestrand

Stephen '69 and Gracia (Kraabel) Blanchard '69

Charles '60 and Dagny Hexom Boebel '61

Susan (Boettcher) '70 and John Boehm '64

Trisha (Hanson) '94 and Kyle Boese

William '95 and Kirsten (Stumme) Bohmer '94

Rolf '91 and Deirdre Brekken

Bruce Broman '84 and Evelyn Erickson

Steven '72 and Donnis Broman

Gregory '78 and Karen Bruening

Don '53 and Joan Bungum

Michael and Diane Burk

David '63 and Brenda (Landsgard) Carlson '73

Bradley and Julie (Torkelson) Chamberlain '96

Rodney '79 and Deborah Christensen

Kristine Cleary '78 and Peter Coffey

Janet Kay Clegg '73 and Dale Fletcher

Julie (Melin) '85 and Duane Cologne

Craig Cornelius '74 and Ann Hadden-Cornelius

John and Carole Lea Cotton

Reynolds '91 and Sheila Cramer

Joyce (Hoffman) '77 and Craig Cummings

Steven Dahm '77 and Laurie Wolf-Dahm

Larry '67 and Betty (Johnson) Danielson '68

Wendy (Jaycox) '92 and Thor Davidson '93

Thomas and Anne Deetz

Alexander '74 and Eleta Donaldson

Jeannine (Schroeder) '59 and Michel D'Orazio

Diane (Swasand) '91 and Lance Drey

Shannon (Miller) '95 and DeLane Duval

Karen (Madsen) '77 and Patrick Egan

Kenneth Ehler

Susan (Nystrom) '95 and David Ellis

Kara (Lovett) '99 and Russ Epperson

Karla (Luzum) '89 and Lindsay Erdman

Robert and Gina Erickson

Peter Espinosa '81 and Kari Tollefson Espinosa '84

Nancy (Barrett) '79 and Ross Fisher '78

Dennis '68 and Jean Flatness

Ann (Stauffer) '66 and Richard Flisrand

Larry '62 and Marilyn Fogdall

Pamela (Andersen) '70 and Neill Frame

Carla Bernhard Franklin '68 and Daniel Franklin

Vanessa (Grima Baldacchino) '90 and Marco Frazier

Marilyn Fritz Shardlow '72 and John Shardlow

K. Edward '68 and Jean (Knutson) Fry '68

Chris '86 and Marne Gade

Carlyle '57 and Ruth Gilbertson '60

Gary Gilderhus '74

Richard and Ellie Goers

Gayle (Dunkel) '98 and Rolf Gort

Mark '79 and Karen Gould

Katie Green '00 and Lisa Dybvik '01

Allen '76 and Zenola Green

Kristopher '82 and Kathryn (Willi) Gregersen '81

Joseph '98 and Ann Grimstad

Larry and Diane Grimstad

Molly (Ternus) '12 and Tyler Hackman

Gary and Linda Hagen

Craig and Louise Halverson

Edward and Sharon Hannon

Lori Happel-Jarratt '89 and Al Jarratt

Debra (Lietz) '87 and Andrew Hare

Jon and Mary Hart

Brian and Julie Hart

Derek Hartl

Corey '94 and Carla (Paulsen) Haugen '93

Bradley Haugstad '85 and Wendy Crowe-Haugstad

Irene (Schulz) '53 and Chester Hausken

George '97 and Nicole (Voss) Hawkinson '98

Steven '73 and Virginia (Fixsen) Hendrickson '72

Thomas '64 and Margaret Henzler

Ruth Heuer '84 and William Allen

James '66 and Nancy (Lofthus) Hill '68

Randall '69 and Marcia Hinrichs

Steve Hubbard '68 and Lindy Borske-Hubbard '84

Christopher '89 and Jennifer (Jenkins) Hubbs '95

Alan Huber '83 and Margaret Sharp

Kari (Anderson) '82 and Randolph Hurley

Steven '69 and Edith (Held) Jacobsen '69

William and Dorene Jensen

David '83 and Kari (Hermeier) Jensen '83

Dawn (DeJager) '88 and Troy Johnson

Scott Johnson '80 and Naomi Nowland '80

Dean '69 and Debbie Johnson

Glen '70 and Kathy (Selzer) Johnson '71

Katherine Johnson-Becklin

Diane Jokinen '82 and Patrick Duffie

Timothy Jones and Annie Cardelus

Sandra (Neitzel) '87 and Jonathan Joppa '85

Brian Jorgensen '80 and Richard Pietz

Gary '71 and Jeanellen Kallevang

Mark '01 and Kate (Brothen) Keiper '00

Joel '91 and Susan (Hansen) Kindem '91

Lawrence '54 and Mary (Buchholz) Kipfer '55

Wayne '61 and Alyce Kivell

Christian '05 and Kristen (Neve) Klein '05

Kenneth '62 and Judith (Hestenes) Knutson '61

Jessica (Wrobel) '03 and Preston Koenig

Ed and Kathleen Koschmann

Stephen '63 and Susan Kraabel

Kevin and Barbara Kraus

George Kuh '68 and Suzanne Young

Severt and Mary Kvamme

James '80 and Charmaine LaBelle

Corey and Ann Landstrom

Charles '70 and Christine (Lindgren) Lane '70

Mark Larson '78 and Amy Williams

Reginald and Jerilyn Laursen

Rhonda (Englert) '89 and Jeff Lawrence

Lisa Laxson '91 and Curt Clifton

Ronald '61 and Jean Lee

Chris '75 and Sylvia Lee-Thompson

Ann Leon '75

Lorri Jo Lobeck '80 and David Shelstad

William '67 and Karen (Porter) Long '67

Matthew '94 and Anna (White) Lovely '96

Warren Luckner '68 and Mary Carr Luckner

Barbara (Perry) '80 and Tony Lutz

Lyle '70 and Susan (Johnston) Luzum '70

Kari (Dokken) '94 and Christopher Lyle

John and Rebecca Mason

Janet (Hernes) '83 and Todd Mathistad

Roger Mayland '75 and Deborah Ringdahl '77

Deborah (Olson) '75 and Terry McCann

Jay '73 and Cynthia (Flak) McLaren '72

Sonja (Smith) '85 and Joe Meyer

Joshua Moe '05 and Chris Schuster

George '65 and Elaine (Voss) Monis '65

Nicholas Moore and Karin Swenson-Moore

Andrew '94 and Beth (Keller) Mork '96

Paul '79 and Catherine Elise (Barton) Mullen '80

Gerald '62 and Andrea (Cowles) Nelson '63

Joan (Gunther) '64 and Dick Niemiec

Alan '61 and Linda Nordhem

J. David '72 and Deanna (Schulz) Nordstrom '73

Chip '82 and Jari Norris

Russell and Anna Norris

Paul '65 and Jeanne Olsen

Lee '72 and Kathleen Olson

Kymberly Oltrogge '83 and James Dodrill

Michael Osterholm '75

Steven '68 and Connie (Marlow) Overholt '71

Dan '89 and Theresa (Anderson) Owens '89

J. Robert '78 and Barbara Paulson

Louise (Borreson) '71 and Steven Paulson

Darin '90 and Dianne Pavek

Richard '70 and Peggy Perry

Timothy '86 and Sandra Peter

Bill '68 and Marlene Pettit

Connie Plaehn '75

Virginia (Heitbrink) '83 and Kent Porter

Jeffrey '85 and Lisa Powell

Jonathan '61 and Mary Preus '63

Anthony Preus '58 and Meredith Pell-Preus

Ruth (Bruemmer) '75 and Kenneth Procter

Craig '92 and Renee (Lysne) Rabe '95

Ann (Harder) '88 and Robb Reid

Mary Vaaler Reimann '87 and Timothy Reimann

Scot Reisinger '96 and Heather Schacht Reisinger '96

Richard '69 and Donna Rima

David '81 and Annette Ringdahl

Marilyn (Haugen) '66 and Jeff Roverud '66

Aaron Sande '98 and Megan McCall Sande '99

Gordon '63 and Joan (Peterson) Sando '63

Todd '90 and Jennifer (Munn) Saner '89

Corey '98 and Tonya (Schwers) Schmidt '97

Paul '98 and Jody (Daubendiek) Schulte '98

Lisa Scott

Thomas '73 and Julie (Hedlund) Seidelmann '73

Rebecca (Linnevold) '71 and Robert Shaw

Jorie (Pietscher) '99 and Jason Shire

Anjela Shutts '93 and Peter Kitundu

Marlene (Miller) '77 and William Slough

Todd '72 and Nancy Smith

James Solem '58 and Ana Moreno

Steve '72 and Susan Sorenson

†Arne '80 and Ruth Sorenson

Susan Sorlien '73 and Thomas Jones

Angela Spartz '00

Stephen Sporer

Andrew '00 and Jennifer (Gavle) Steffensmeier '99

Steven '81 and Carmen (Hansen) Stenhaug '82

Paul '66 and Linda (Knutson) Strand '66

James '69 and Louise (Spielman) Stromberg '70

Ingrid (Hanson) '93 and Jay Stukerjurgen

John '58 and Donna (Ferden) Suby '59

Joseph Sweet '86 and Blaire Hartley

Eugene '66 and Miriam (Nelson) Takle '66

Richard '72 and Jane Theiler

Aaron '00 and Heidi Thiese

James '86 and Kathy (Winter) Thomsen '85

R.H. '64 and Lynda Thorland

Diane (Baum) '72 and Gaylord Thormodsgard

Daniel '79 and Kristin (Skoglund) Tjornehoj '80

Robert '58 and Janet (Purmort) Tollund '73

Mark '97 and Rachel (Deters) Udstuen '95

Chinyere and Onyebuchi Ukabiala

Sara Uthe Holm '99 and Eric Holm

Lee '78 and Maggie Valenta

Gerald '65 and Susan Kosche Vallem '66

Lance '79 and Shari Vander Linden

Nathan '03 and Meredith (Welton) Voight '04

Michael Voltmer '74

Norris Waalen '72 and Hollis Krug Waalen

John '70 and Marianne Wahlquist

Thomas '90 and Krista (Olseth) Walters '90

Dr. Jenifer K. Ward

Kristin Weeks Duncanson '81 and Patrick Duncanson

James and Elizabeth Wheeler

Joseph '80 and Greer Whitters

James '70 and Irene Whittington

Michael '70 and Rosann Wold

Ellen Woodard-Colletta '82 and Giuseppe Colletta

Eric '88 and Heather Wulfsberg

Samuel '04 and Mary (Wilgenbusch) Yamoah '02

Richard '50 and Joanne Ylvisaker

James '81 and Jodi (Palma) Young '81

Brandon Zembal '02 and Tanea Mahanna