Vicki Donhowe Phonathon Challenge

Call of the Wild

How long has Phonathon been a part of the Luther tradition? Nearly 40 years! Some of you may remember making calls with stacks of paper from the basement of Olin or maybe you clicked "Auto-Dial" on the laptops in the basement of Loyalty. Whether your theme was "Risky Business" or "Game of Phones," this challenge is for you!

Former Director of Development, Current Gifts, and Phonathon manager extraordinaire, Vicki Donhowe '70, challenges all former callers, captains, and co-chairs to make a difference today. Make a gift between 6 pm amd 8 pm CST and your gift will be doubled (up to $1,500).

We know you know this is important. After all, you used to talk about it on the phone with alumni! Now we are asking to join together in a big day of giving once again. Let's do this!

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