Innovative Facilities

Explore your interests in an environment that opens new doors. Luther College facilities are equipped to help you succeed on campus and in your future career.

Luther College has eight major academic buildings and five performing arts and recital halls—all designed to help you succeed. You’ll be able to practice your skills in our new nursing simulation center and conduct experiments in our many labs. You’ll showcase art and music in our studio spaces and recital venues.

Our campus also encompasses 800 acres of natural areas. Many of our biology, environmental studies, and geology students use the grounds to conduct field research. You’ll also be able to hike our trails and relax with friends.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art buildings and beautiful surroundings. Learn more about our campus with our list of top 10 innovative facilities for students at Luther College.

10. Practice Facilities

To improve your craft, you need space to rehearse and experiment. Luther College provides a variety of practice rooms for art and performance majors. The Center for the Arts hosts two studios for Dance and Theatre students, as well as 24 individual studio spaces for Art students. The Jenson-Noble Hall of Music has 36 private practice rooms to reserve and use.

two Luther music students practicing bass clarinet

9. Rooftop Observatory

Physics students and stargazers alike can take advantage of our Rooftop Observatory. Equipped with a motorized retractable roof, the viewing platform has four telescopes you can use to study the night sky. You can also visit the Emil C. Miller Planetarium, which has a Spitz A3P projector, to get a greater understanding of outer space.

telescopes inside the Rooftop Observatory at Luther College

8. Sampson Hoffland Laboratories

A prime example of our commitment to sustainability is the Sampson Hoffland Laboratories, which houses our Chemistry and Biology departments. It received the prestigious LEED gold certification for its sustainable features such as a green roof, recirculating chilled water, and low-emissivity glass.

winding pathways and greenery in front and on the roof of a silver building with a large bank of windows

7. Anderson Prairie

Located on the northeastern edge of the Luther campus, Anderson Prairie is a 24.7-acre prairie with 71 species of flowers and 5 types of grasses. Luther faculty and students conduct a variety of field research in the extensive natural areas of campus.

Luther students walking through the Anderson Prairie

6. Jewel Theatre

Found in the Center for the Arts, the Jewel Theatre is a flexible 225-seat performance space. The seating in this unique space can be modified to meet the needs of a theater or dance performance. Connected to the theater is the Scene Shop, where students construct scenery and can easily move them onto the stage.

a Luther student using the lighting console in the Jewel Theatre

5. Digital Media Center

Create digital art and videos with Luther College’s Digital Media Center. Located on the lower floor of Preus Library, you’ll have access to up-to-date computers and software in our Multimedia Lab, Multimedia Studio, and One-Button Studio (OBS).

Luther students editing videos in a computer lab at the Digital Media Center

4. Makerspace

Located in the Center for the Arts, Makerspace provides resources for students and faculty to invent, tinker, and explore. You’ll be able to use tools and technologies such as 3D printers, virtual and augmented reality, and 3D modeling.

a Luther student removing a model from a 3D printer

3. Weston H. Noble Recital Hall

Be entranced by the acoustics of the Weston H. Noble Recital Hall. This 325-seat performance venue hosts student, faculty, and visiting artist performances.

interior of the Weston H. Noble Recital Hall

2. Overholt Human Anatomy Laboratory

Study human anatomy through cadaver dissection. The Overholt Human Anatomy Laboratory is a rare opportunity for undergraduate students, who often do not have experience with cadavers. Learn in a modern and secure environment.

two Luther students using a physical model to student the human digestive tract

1. Nursing Simulation Lab

Renovated in summer 2022, our nursing simulation lab will prepare you to join the front lines of patient care. You’ll practice on cutting-edge manikins on simulated hospital floors. Enhance your education with our state-of-the-art nursing equipment and excellent faculty.

two Luther students attending a dummy patient in the Nursing Simulation Lab