Academic Calendar

The academic year at Luther is divided into:

  • Fall Semester (late August-December)
  • January Term (the month of January; students refer to it as “J-Term”)
  • Spring Semester (February-May)
  • Summer Sessions (Two four-week summer sessions are offered, one in June and the other in July)

A Luther semester lasts approximately 14 weeks (13.5 weeks of classes and a 4-day final exam period).

January Term

January Term at Luther alters the pace of the academic year by creating opportunities for you to engage in focused exploration of a single subject. January study is often experiential and/or experimental, and offers greater opportunities for learning. You are required to complete two January Terms while enrolled at Luther.

Students engage in many diverse experiences during January Term, including:

  • study away domestically or abroad
  • individualized study with a faculty member
  • campus-based experiential courses
  • internships and clinical experiences

Summer Sessions

Two four-week summer sessions are offered each year. Students normally take one four-hour course each session. A special bulletin for the summer school with detailed course information is available online each March.

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