Sampson Hoffland Laboratories

Sampson Hoffland Laboratories houses our chemistry and biology departments. Built to environmentally sound LEED standards, Sampson Hoffland features 17 teaching labs and multiple faculty-student research labs, along with study lounges adjacent to faculty offices.

Learn about Sampson Hoffland Laboratories from Sten Bulander, a biochemistry major at Luther.


  • Student study areas account for more than 4,800 square feet.
  • Specialized laboratories dedicated to cell culture, fluorescence electron microscopy, and digital image processing.
  • Human Anatomy Laboratory, which provides a modern and secure space for studying human anatomy through cadaver dissection.
  • Insectary includes research and teaching space for live insects.
  • Aquatic housing, with spaces for maintaining aquatic organisms, fish, and frogs.
  • Animal facility for maintaining and performing surgery on rodents and other mammals.
  • Research Grade Greenhouse
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Building: Contains rain garden to limit runoff going to storm water system, protection of native habitat (oak savanna), low volatile organic compounds, and low-emissivity glass (allows heat in during winter and keeps it out in summer). In addition, the building was built with sustainable resources.

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Study Area

In Sampson-Hoffland, faculty offices are located around study areas to promote conversations with your professors.


The Sampson Hoffland Atrium is a light-filled space perfect for poster presentations or private study.