Requesting Special Registration

Application for Special Registration is used to request enrollment in the following:

  • Directed Study¬†(285): Opportunity to pursue individualized learning with a faculty member in January term, within or outside the major, at the sophomore level or above.
  • Directed Study¬†(295): Opportunity to pursue individualized learning with a faculty member in the fall, spring or summer terms, within or outside the major, at the sophomore level or above.
  • Directed Readings¬†(375): Opportunity to follow a prescribed reading list under the direction of a faculty member.
  • Directed Research¬†(389): Opportunity to get involved in a research project under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • Independent Study¬†(395): Offered as a way to design a course of study not otherwise available in the curriculum.
  • Course by Arrangement:¬†If a course is not offered in a semester, you can, with special permission, complete the course on an “arranged” basis with the instructor.

Request to Enroll in Over 17 Semester Hours:¬†The average annual course load for full-time students is 33 semester hours. This includes courses taken during the fall, January term, and spring semester. Students who wish to take more than 17 hours in a term can apply to do so by filling out this form. You must indicate on the form why you wish to enroll in more than 17 hours, obtain the signature of your advisor, and turn in the application to the Registrar’s Office. Only students with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher should consider a class load in excess of 17 hours.
Please note: credits in excess of 36 hours for the year will be assessed an additional charge. See extra credit hour charges for more information.

Application for Senior Honors Project: The senior honors project is a year-long independent research project. To apply, complete the application form and obtain the appropriate signatures.

Registration must be completed by the last class day of the semester preceding the term in which the project begins.

Application for ART 384 Registration: Art 384 is the continuation of study in any of the studio areas offered. Projects are arranged in consultation with the appropriate instructor. The prerequisite is the completion of all prior studio courses in the area to be studied and consent of instructor.

Application for Tuition Credit:¬†Used by those students who may be entitled to a reduced tuition fee in a given semester. This includes students who have earned a Bachelor’s degree, elementary education and social work majors in their 9th semester at Luther, community residents, area ELCA-rostered leaders and spouses, and high school¬†students

Community Member Registration: Community members and area residents wishing to take a course (up to one course per term) at a reduced rate, may request registration with the Registrar’s Office. Community residents must provide proof of residency (such as a driver’s license) and complete Application for Tuition Credit. Registration is based on space availability and can be completed on the first day of classes.

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