Music Scholarships

Luther offers a wide variety of scholarships and awards based on musical talent, regardless of chosen major.

Do you love playing your instrument or singing in a choir?¬† You can earn a music scholarship at Luther no matter what academic field of study appeals to you. Music scholarships are available through an audition process and some are also based on your achievements in high school.¬† We award most music scholarships on top of any academic scholarship and you’ll keep those scholarships for your entire four years.

Music scholarships, along with theatre and dance scholarship, are Talent Awards. Students may audition for more than one Talent Award, but only the highest scholarship will be added to the financial aid offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What music scholarships are available at Luther?

The Weston Noble Music Scholarship, the Adolph Herseth Scholarship, the All-State Music Scholarship, and the Lutheran Summer Music Scholarship are all available to you as an incoming Luther College musician, regardless of your major. Click the links above to find more information about each of these scholarships.

In addition, there are a variety of endowed scholarships awarded to upper class music majors who meet the eligibility conditions specified for each scholarship. Recipients of these scholarships are selected by the music faculty and the student financial aid office.

Do you have to be a music major to get a music scholarship?

No! Music scholarships are available to you if you are interested in participating in music at Luther College, regardless of your major. While at Luther on a music scholarship, you must be enrolled in applied lessons and a large music ensemble on your awarded instrument in order to receive the scholarship funds. Pianists and organists who do not participate in an ensemble have other options for fulfilling their ensemble requirement through collaborative piano opportunities.

Can you receive music scholarships for multiple instruments?

You can audition for the Weston Noble Music Scholarship on up to two instruments, but you may only accept a scholarship award on one instrument.

If you audition on two instruments during your senior year of high school, you may change your scholarship award from one instrument to another while studying at Luther College. This change can only be made once, and it can only be done if both scholarship auditions were completed before enrolling at Luther College.


Weston Noble Music Scholarships

NEW! The Adolph Herseth Scholarship

Composition Scholarships

How do I choose my audition repertoire?

Check the audition requirements for your instrument for either the Weston Noble Scholarship or the Adolph Herseth Scholarship. Keep in mind your selections should demonstrate your musicianship, tone quality, articulation and technical ability. We want you to prepare material that represents you at your musical best!

Will I be auditioning on stage in front of a committee? 

Auditions typically happen in a faculty’s studio with one faculty member present. The faculty member will listen and work with you to get to know you better as a musician and student. Auditioning is a great way to begin to feel comfortable with the wonderful faculty we have in our Music Department.

Weston Noble Music Scholarships

NEW! The Adolph Herseth Scholarship

Composition Scholarships

Do I need to bring another copy of my audition music? 

No, as you are not performing for a panel of faculty. Since only one faculty member will be present, they can refer to the music that you are using for your scholarship audition.

Will my scholarship audition be used to determine my ensemble placement? 

No. First-year auditions for ensemble placement happen in the fall after you arrive on campus.

Are there warm-up spaces available to me before my audition?

A practice room will be reserved for you before your audition. If you are a percussionist or an organist, we will make arrangements for you to have access to appropriate facilities and instruments. In addition, there are other larger instruments that the music department can make arrangements for you to use both for your warm-up and audition. (double bass, harp, tuba, etc.) Please include this request on your scholarship audition request form or notify Jana Vorvick.

When will I hear back about my scholarship audition results? 

If your talent audition occurs AFTER acceptance, you will receive a letter notification in the mail (approximately 2 weeks after your audition date).

If your talent audition occurs BEFORE acceptance, your audition results will be sent approximately two weeks after receipt of all admission materials.

Talent scholarship awards (music, theatre, dance) are also included in financial aid offers. If your audition is completed before your financial aid award offer is sent, your scholarship award will be included in your offer. If your audition is not completed before your financial aid offer is sent, your offer will be updated with this information after your audition.

If your admission materials have been submitted, it has been more than three weeks since your audition and you have not received notification, please contact Jana Vorvick for assistance.

Weston Noble Music Scholarships

NEW! The Adolph Herseth Scholarship

Composition Scholarships