Composition Scholarships

Composition Scholarships recognize incoming students who display outstanding potential for composition in any style or genre, such as concert music, singer-songwriter, jazz, electronic music, musical theater, and many others.


$4,000 over four years ($1,000 per year, stackable with Weston Noble Scholarships, so long as total value does not exceed $7,000 per year).

Selection Criteria:

Awards are given to students who display outstanding potential for engaging in composition-related coursework at Luther.


Complete Luther admission application and audition with the Music Department before the annual deadline.


Renewable for students enrolled full-time up to 8 semesters providing that the student is maintaining satisfactory academic progress and enrolling in composition-related coursework each semester (1-3 credits per semester).


Composition courses (including individual lessons) do not incur extra fees, but they do count towards the 36-credit per year limit.

Applicants do not need to major in music to be eligible. This scholarship is offered in addition to other academic awards and scholarships for which students may qualify. In addition to applying for the Composition Scholarship, students may also audition for a Weston Noble Scholarship in up to two performance areas (instrumental and/or vocal).

For more information, please see the Music Department Student Guidelines (rev. August 2022).