Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion

Studying Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion at Luther College

At Luther, students with an instrumental focus have a wide array of opportunities to participate in enriching experiences in a variety of settings. Instrumental music students at Luther can perform in any of our two bands, three orchestras, two jazz ensembles and various chamber groups. Instrumentalists have the chance to tour, both domestically and internationally, with the Luther College Concert Band, Jazz Orchestra, and Symphony Orchestra.

Musicianship, technique, performance skills, and professionalism are coached by highly esteemed faculty conductors and studio professors. Chamber ensembles, coached by our studio faculty, allow other unique opportunities for students to increase their musicianship and listening skills in a small ensemble setting. These ensembles include a flute choir, brass ensembles, percussion ensembles, and more.

After Luther, many students go on to pursue graduate study in music performance and secure positions in acclaimed orchestras and bands around the world. These include the Dubai Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra, Minnesota Opera Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Rochester Symphony Orchestra, Sun Symphony Orchestra, Winona Symphony Orchestra, and the Burning River Brass Band. In addition to being noteworthy performers, many of these alumni also serve as outstanding teachers in public schools, colleges, universities, and private studios around the country.

Whether your future with music involves pursuing a performance career, a teaching career, or a career outside of music, join us in the Luther College Music Department to keep shaping your musical journey!

Luther College Brass Faculty

John Cord, trumpet

Rebecca Boehm Shaffer, horn

Michael Smith, low brass

Luther College Woodwind Faculty

Heather Armstrong, oboe

Michael Chesher, clarinet

Carol Hester, flute

Emma Plehal, bassoon

Lynne Potudensek Hart, saxophone

Luther College Percussion Faculty

Ryan Frost, percussion

The Luther College Brass Ensembles include:

  • Brass Choir
  • Horn Choir
  • Trumpet Ensemble
  • Trombone Choir
  • Trombone Ensemble
  • Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble.

Students may also participate in the following smaller ensembles:

  • Brass quintets
  • Trombone quartets
  • Tuba/euphonium quartets.

Repertoire is selected from six centuries of musical resources including transcriptions and original compositions. The ensembles perform one major concert per semester, as well as other on-campus or off-campus performances throughout the academic year. Participation is open to all brass musicians with appropriate performance skills. Students normally register for MUS 273 for these ensembles.

The Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble and Trombone Ensembles are conducted by Michael Smith, the Trumpet Ensemble by John Cord, and Horn Choir by Rebecca Boehm Shaffer.

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