Faculty and Staff

Mark Guerci
Visiting Assistant Professor of History

Office: Koren 209

Phone: 563-387-2981

Email: guerma01@luther.edu

Jane Hawley portrait
Professor of Dance

Office: Center for the Arts 109

Phone: 563-387-1694

Email: hawleyja@luther.edu

Scott Hurley portrait
Associate Professor in Paideia

Office: Ockham House 104

Phone: 563-387-1788

Email: hurlsc01@luther.edu

Gereon Kopf portrait
Professor of Religion

Office: Ockham House 15

Phone: 563-387-1497

Email: kopfg@luther.edu

Charlotte Kunkel portrait
Professor of Sociology
Identity Studies Department Head

Office: Koren 322

Phone: 563-387-1624

Email: kunkelch@luther.edu

Holly Moore
Associate Professor Philosophy and Identity Studies
Philosophy Department Head

Office: Valders 372G

Phone: 563-387-1222

Email: moorho01@luther.edu

Richard Mtisi
Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History

Office: Koren 210

Phone: 563-387-1264

Email: mtisri01@luther.edu

Derek Sweet portrait
Professor of Communication Studies
Communication Studies Department Head

Office: Campus House 103

Phone: 563-387-1566

Email: sweede01@luther.edu

Novian Whitsitt portrait
Professor of Africana Studies and English

Office: Main 603

Phone: 563-387-2142

Email: whitsino@luther.edu

Heather Frey portrait
Academic Administrative Assistant

Office: Koren 323

Phone: 563-387-1806

Email: freyheat@luther.edu