Event Planning Checklist

Your event may not require each item on this list. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that each item needed by your event is covered.

Start Planning

  • Explore the Calendar of Events for an overview of scheduled events.
  • Contact Campus Programming to discuss possible dates and venues, 563-387-1291.
  • If your event is a personal rental/event (bridal shower, graduation party, etc.) or a summer event or conference, contact Jeff Leschensky in Campus Programming, 563-387-1538.
  • Use the Event Request and Room Reservation Form if you know the date and venue of your event. We will either confirm your request, or let you know if there are conflicts and help you find alternatives.


  • For receptions and meetings requiring refreshments or meals, contact Catering Services to be sure they have capacity on the day of your event, and to make arrangements.
    • Please note that for events in the Union, campus catering is the only permitted option.
    • The Union, the Center for the Arts, and Baker Commons are the venues on campus with a beer and wine license.


  • If your event requires a particular set-up or extra tables and chairs, contact facilities by placing a fixit request. (Catering will supply tables for food service, but you will need to order tables for seating if needed.)

Tech Support

  • If your event is in the Center for Faith and Life, use this form to contact CFL technicians, or call 563-387-1537 to arrange for lights and sound. If it’s elsewhere, Campus Programming can direct you to the appropriate resource for a PA and other tech support, depending on the venue. Student Organizations should go to the Student Activities office in the Union for assistance.
  • If you plan to livestream or record your event, submit this from or contact the IT help desk at 563-387-1000.
  • Does your event require advance ticket sales? Contact the Luther College Box Office to request ticketing services.


  • Use the Event Description Form to submit a robust description of your event for the online events calendar. This can include an associated image, a bio, a visiting speaker or artist’s website, or other information that might help attract attendees to your event. Email questions to schedule@luther.edu.
  • Design a poster.
    • DIY: find Luther logos and read about logo usage in the Logo Style Guide.
    • Faculty and staff may submit a Creative Work Request to Marketing and Communications for design work. Posters or other promotional pieces will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Request forms and all event content are due one month in advance of the date when you need to print the posters.
  • Send your poster to the Document Center, or stop by their office on the ground floor of Main.
  • Stamp your posters in the Student Activities office in the Union before hanging on campus bulletin boards.
  • Add your event to campus digital screens: Contact Annette Laitinen in Campus Programming.
  • Submit a notice of 75 words or less in the student Bulletin, and in the faculty/staff Tuesday newsletter.
  • Advertise in the cafeteria napkin holders.
  • Advertise in the Union restrooms.
  • Contact news@luther.edu if you would like your event posted to decorahnow.com or considered for inclusion in a Luther community newsletter.
  • Marketing and Communications will write press releases for high profile public events including the Center Stage Series, Christmas at Luther, and distinguished lectures.

If you’re considering instituting a series, or a new annual event, please contact Kristen Underwood in Campus Programming.

Please read Campus Events and Programming Policies for other important information.

Your event may not require each item on this list. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that each item needed by your event is covered.

Getting Started
Consider the purpose, format and feasibility of event
Consider how the event compliments the mission of Luther College
First steps —6-12 months in advance
Contact the Campus Programming Office to reserve date and location. Identify if any additional space or set-up/clean up time will be needed and reserve. All events on campus must be communicated to Campus Programming and entered into the campus room scheduler. Complete the Request a Campus Event form, contact Campus Programming, #1291 or stop by the office in the CFL, Room 101.
Create an estimated budget and identify funding sources
Recruit your event team/partners; clear your date with important participants and stakeholders.
If this is a series or annual event proposed, submit proposal to the appropriate Vice-President. See online proposal outline
3-6 months in advance
Create an agreement confirming details with your guest for event time, date, and expectations. Have guest complete the first page of a W-9 and return to your, if providing payment A W-9 is an IRS form located online. W-9 forms are also available at the Financial Services Office in Main.
Confirm all program participants. Obtain biographical information and photos
Confirm title of event and send to Campus Programming for calendars Send to [email protected]
Make preliminary date, time, and location reservations with catering. Not all locations on campus allow for food to be served Contact the Catering Department or make online requests at Catertrax
Reserve housing in Sperati House on campus or in a local hotel/motel. Sperati House is coordinated by Patti Hughes, #1161. The Hotel Winneshiek and sometimes other hotels may offer a Luther College guest discount.
Speak with the Luther Book Shop to order books if they are to be sold at the event
Discuss event with the Box Office if you would like to request tickets to be sold. Contact Bradley Phillips, #1293.
Create a publicity plan appropriate to the event. Will you use posters, flyers, Tuesday or Bulletin listings, local newspaper/radio ad, etc. Contact Michael Bartels, Publications Office, #1353.
2 months before
Finalize travel plans for guest. Reserve a vehicle for transport and confirm arrangements with drivers. To reserve a Luther vehicle email [email protected] with itinerary, driver, passengers, department and budget number(s). A vehicle use policy is available at https://www.luther.edu/offices/facilities/vehicle-reservation
If you will need volunteers, identify roles, recruit, and train.
Contact the Public Information Office regarding press release(s) about the event. Contact Katie Schweinefus, Publications Office, #1417 or email [email protected].
1 month before
Request check for payment from Financial Services. Send them a copy of the contract or letter of agreement, W-9 form, and signed payment voucher. Luther’s payment voucher is online at:
Confirm guest’s technical needs—microphone, PowerPoint, laptop, projector, etc. If in the CFL Main Hall, Recital Hall or Qualley Lounge, complete the CFL tech form. If in Marty’s, contact the SAC Office. If in another building, the LIS Technology Help Desk. Contact the Technology Help Desk at https:https://www.luther.edu/offices/its/help-desk/tickets/eventsetup
Contact SAC Office at [email protected] (phone #1023)
Plan catering menu and set-up. Find out if guest has special dietary needs. Contact Catering Department at [email protected]
Finalize schedule for your guest from arrival to departure.
Identify driver to the guest for all transport needs. Provide transport details to driver(s). A vehicle use policy is available at https://www.luther.edu/offices/facilities/vehicle-reservation
Identify person giving introduction and provide them with all pertinent information. For student introducers, consider reviewing texts with staff or faculty in advance. Make time to practice.
If there is a special dinner, create dinner invite list, send invitations, and send meal count to catering.
Reserve rehearsal time if needed. Contact [email protected] in Campus Programming
Recruit, train, and schedule ushers or load in/out crew if needed.
Create copy for program and with the Publications Office to prepare. Submit a Creative work request.
Request photography, if applicable. Be specific about how photos will be used. Submit a photo assignment request.
Two weeks before
Hang posters, flyers, etc. Get approval stamp in the Student Activities Office or Residence Life Office. There is also a list of places to display on campus.
Write and submit Tuesday and/or Bulletin announcement(s), 75 words or less. Tuesday announcements go to [email protected].

Bulletin announcements go to [email protected].

Request tables, chairs, garbage cans, etc. if needed Send request to [email protected]
Check that you have all location details covered.
Identify campus host(s) during each part of the visit. Provide into to hosts.
Contact Campus Security if you will have any parking, directional, or safety concerns Call 287-2111
Week of event
Reconfirm with all participants their roles and event details
Pick up check from Financial Services Office in Main Building.
Finalize hospitality—water for guest, off-campus meals, welcome, etc.
Pick up programs from the Print Shop Located in the lower level of Main Building
Make any final purchases needed
Create any directional signs for the event. Have a plan to post.
Prepare nametags and or registration lists if appropriate
Day of event
Pick up vehicle keys from Facilities Management. If picking up at the airport, ensure that the driver has directions, airport name and location, and flight information.
Greet guest and be a campus host all times. Welcome everyone with a smile.
Show up early to the event venue and ensure that everything is prepared. Greet attendees.
Post any directional signs as needed
Pay guest(s)
Aim to end the event at the specified time. After event, return space to original set-up. Arrange for return of tables through fixit.
After event
Follow up for feedback from key event participants and/or partners
Send thank you notes or emails
Complete the Luther Event Report Form Event Report Form