Creative Work Request

The creative team includes experts in photography, videography, and design, who understand how to apply the college’s brand visual guidelines: logos, fonts, colors, patterns, and photography.

Steps and Time Frames

New projects: Submit a creative work request eight weeks before the completed project needs to be in your hands. Steps to completion include creating a project schedule, concepting, writing text, designing, sharing drafts, gathering feedback, editing, making final changes, and having the project printed.

Repeat projects: Submit a creative work request (with updated copy, if applicable) four weeks before the completed project needs to be in your hands.

Emergency project: Stop by Dahl Centennial Union 263 or call 563-387-1352.

To conceptualize the project, consider these questions:

  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What are you trying to accomplish with your project?
  • What tone are you trying to convey?
  • What action would you like the audience to take?
  • Is there an existing product that meets your needs?
  • Are there other ways of thinking about your project?
  • Is there a defined quantity of the product? (Has it been printed before?)
  • If not, when will you know how many you need?
  • What is your printing budget?

Once you’ve done some thinking about your project, contact the creative team by submitting the web form below; logging in with your Norse Key is required to view the form. You can expect a creative team member to reach out to you within a week to start the project.

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