Projects and Priorities

Gift Amount

Inspired. Empowered. Engaged.

Goal:  $75,000,000
Met:  $51,700,328 (as of 04/30/2019)

June 1, 2016 - May 31, 2020

Building on the momentum of the 2016-18 Priorities and launching key initiatives in the new strategic plan, Luther's development efforts remain focused on the college's student-centered mission. This four-year funding initiative--Inspired. Empowered. Engaged.--aims to increase scholarship opportunities, jumpstart key capital projects, grow The Luther Fund, and secure support for select program and scholarship endowments. Together these initiatives will position the college for a transition in presidential leadership and create a strong foundation for the next comprehensive campaign. We invite you to join us by investing in Luther's mission and priorities.

The Luther Fund

Continued support and growth of the Luther Fund are critical for the college’s success. The $2.1+ million annual goal for unrestricted gifts has an immediate impact on the Luther community – supporting scholarships and financial aid, field study trips, music tours, student organizations, volunteer opportunities in the community, college ministries, residence hall improvements, campus landscaping, building maintenance, intramural sports, student/faculty research, and much, much more.

Current Outright Support

In addition to the Luther Fund, restricted current fund gifts support other programs and strategic needs at Luther College. These gifts include funding for named scholarships in a current year, support of the Norse Athletic Association to enhance student-athlete experiences at Luther, and other current strategic needs identified by the college.

Endowment Support

Long-term growth of the Luther College endowment has been the focus of recent campaign efforts, and continues to be a top institutional priority. Student scholarship support remains one of the most important, and ever-present, endowment need. Making a Luther education affordable is essential for recruiting students, and scholarship assistance is often the deciding factor for many students.

Capital Support

Though building the endowment is Luther's major long-term focus, capital projects and campus renewal efforts remain ongoing. Luther's beautiful grounds, physical plant, and deferred maintenance are exceptionally well managed. Meanwhile, new projects arise. Within this initiative, strategic attention will focus on launching the renewal of Main and the proposed expansion and renovation of Luther's Athletics Complex.

Planned Gift Support

Through the years, planned gifts have continued to support the endowment and other priority needs of the college, including student scholarship support, collaborative student/faculty research funds, and other endowed funds supporting mission-based experiences. Now, more than ever, the college seeks support from alumni and friends to ensure endowment growth for future generations of Luther students.

For more information on ways to support our current priorities, or Luther College in general, please contact the Development Office at (800) 225-8664. Of course, if you're ready to make your gift today, you may visit you, again, for your interest in supporting Luther College.

Luther College Bell at Sunrise. Friday, August 26, 2016. Photo by Will Heller