Preus Library

Preus Library is frequented by students for a space to study and research.

Preus Library looks out over Farwell Clearing and central campus.

Preus Library
Preus Library Exterior

Preus Library is a primary hub for students with its ever-growing collection of books, journals, research materials, and various other resources available in-person and online. Library facilities include the Technology Help Desk, the Rare Book Room, Luther College Archives, and Fine Arts Collection.

The newest addition to Preus Library is the state-of-the-art Digital Media Center that is available to assist with video creation and editing and other digital projects. Preus Library is located in-between the Franklin W. Olin Building and Brandt Hall and is nearby the Jenson-Noble Hall of Music.


  • Individual study carrels and tables
  • Small group and individual study rooms
  • Largest computer lab on campus
  • Wireless internet throughout building
  • Various items and equipment available for checkout such as laptops, cameras, and bikes


Quick Facts

  • Open over 100 hours per week
  • 340,000 volumes and 590 print journals
  • Access to 180,000 eBooks and 29,000 electronic journals
  • Japanese rock garden on lower level symbolizes movement across waves of the Midwestern prairie