Preus Library

Preus Library is a primary hub for students with its ever-growing collection of books, journals, research materials, and various other resources available in-person and online.



Media Center

Digital Media Lab

Library facilities include the Technology Help Desk, the Rare Book Room, Luther College Archives, and Fine Arts Collection.

The newest addition to Preus Library is the state-of-the-art Digital Media Center that is available to assist with video creation and editing and other digital projects. Preus Library is located in-between the Franklin W. Olin Building and Brandt Hall and is nearby the Jenson-Noble Hall of Music.


  • Individual study carrels and tables
  • Small group and individual study rooms
  • Largest computer lab on campus
  • Wireless internet throughout building
  • Various items and equipment available for checkout such as laptops, cameras, and bikes

Offices in Preus Library

  • Digital Media Center
  • Luther College Archives
  • Speech and Debate Center
  • Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE)
  • TRIO Achievement Program
  • Technology Help Desk

Preus Library offers research and technology help, study areas, and a digital media center.