International Business Minor

International Business

"Studying abroad with a business major is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only was I immersed in a new language and culture, I made international connections that I will be keeping for a lifetime. I believe business is all about networking and having an open perspective on everything and that is exactly what my study abroad experience gave me." —Jacy Mahoney, '16

With an international business minor, you will combine economics, accounting, and management courses with required study of and proficiency in a foreign language.

Language Immersion

The international business minor intentionally blends foreign language courses and business courses that will prepare you for organizations that operate in the larger world. A minimum twelve week academic study in the country of the foreign language of your choice is a rich international study experience and will prepare you for future global opportunities. Individual plans for completing the minor are developed with your advisor.

"Luther College (the professors specifically) worked hard to immerse the class in global cultures and business environments while delivering impactful course content. There was a strong emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of global business while learning and experiencing the unique aspects relevant to the markets we were visiting. It provided an impactful first hand experience and perspective that prepared students to work with global markets post college." Joe Ness, '02, Deere and Company


Where will you choose to study off campus? Discover the various options to fulfill your twelve week off-campus study requirement.