Still Deciding on a Major?

If you’re feeling uncertain about what you want to study at college, you’re not alone. In fact, approximately 30 percent of Luther’s first-year students are still deciding on their major or will change their major at college.

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Find Your Fit While Staying on Track

If you haven’t chosen a major, you’ll have a good amount of time to investigate your interests, explore your options, and get the support you need to make a good decision.

You’ll start by meeting with a trained first-year academic advisor who will help you choose and register for courses. In addition to the help of your advisor, completing Luther’s Core Curriculum courses will help you stay on track for graduation.

Luther’s Core Curriculum includes a required set of courses for all Luther students. Beyond that, the Core Curriculum gives you space to explore a variety of fields and ideas including Luther’s 60+ majors, minors, and programs. It also enables you to focus on developing a deeper skill set in your selected field of study.

Luther’s Core Curriculum Gives You Room to Explore

Luther’s Core Curriculum is the courses and experiences that make up the foundation of a Luther education. It is designed to provide you with the knowledge and experience you need for 21st-century life and career success.

The Core Curriculum

  • Engages you in deep-level learning experiences—including common courses, experiential learning (learning by doing), and community-based learning
  • Provides flexibility–for example, rather than taking a general math class, you can choose from a variety of data-literacy courses that will help you learn about the limitations and possibilities of data
  • Helps you develop an integrated view of different areas of study and the relationship of those studies to the larger world

Why Luther’s Educational Plan Is Ideal

Luther’s liberal arts education teaches students how to think critically. It emphasizes the importance of learning about a variety of subjects, analyzing new perspectives, and synthesizing different areas of study. It also prepares you for your career while helping you become a responsible global citizen who lives with purpose and leads with courage.

A liberal arts education not only equips you to work in your chosen path, but in a number of other fields as well. At Luther, you’ll learn to think flexibly and expansively, which means you’ll graduate with a rich body of knowledge. You’ll also discover how to draw on what you’ve learned to solve problems and work creatively in many areas.

Luther’s educational plan helps you develop academically, professionally, socially, and personally throughout your life.

Learning happens everywhere so remember that there are opportunities outside the classroom in which you can figure out what you want to major in. You are in college, take the time to explore your options.

Melany Ruiz Torres ‘22

Where to Find Help When Choosing a Major

  • Meet with a first-year advisor—all incoming students at Luther meet regularly with an academic advisor who will help you make the transition from high school to college
  • Find resources, help, and guidance from the Career Center—meet with a Career Coach to build awareness of your strengths, competencies, and develop connections and experiences to inform your next step
  • Meet with faculty—discuss courses in majors that interest you and potential careers
  • Explore study away opportunities—consider new experiences to broaden your perspective and help you learn to navigate the wider world
  • Do an internship—gain knowledge and skills in industries and roles that you’re considering
  • Hold informational interviews—talk with a professional in the field and get the inside scoop about a role that interests you and learn how you can prepare yourself for entering this field
  • Read course descriptions in the college academic catalog—get detailed information about topics you want to learn more about
  • Get a work-study job or join a student organization—explore different fields of interest and build your skills
  • Talk with other students—ask how they chose their major and learn about careers they’re considering

Move Forward with Confidence

Even if you’re still deciding on a major, be assured that Luther has the resources and help you need to succeed. In fact, most first-year students who enter Luther as undecided complete their degree within 4 years and 20-25% complete double majors.