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This is the goal of the Luther College Center for Ethics and Public Engagement (The CEPE). We provide opportunities to help you become an informed and engaged global citizen. Attend an upcoming event, join a book group, or partner with The CEPE in community outreach.

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The CEPE Theme for 2023-2024: Trust/AntiTrust

Public Talk by Dr. Kali Simmons: "The Ones Who Did Not Die"

April 12 @ 5:30PM, Valders 206

Join Dr. Kali Simmons (Oglala Lakota) as she examines representations of Indigenous peoples in contemporary American horror cinema, focusing on slasher films and the trope of the Indigenous killer. Although many of these slasher films voice criticisms of colonialism and modernity, they also perpetuate harmful stereotypes about Indigenous peoples premised upon colonial hierarchies of race and gender.


Public Talk by Sarah Jaquette Ray: "Climate Justice"

Tues. April 18 @ 5:30PM, CFL Recital Hall

What role do our emotions have in addressing climate change? Who feels climate anxiety, and what does it tell us about the politics of climate justice in America today? In this talk, Dr. Sarah Jaquette Ray will explore the relationship between climate change, justice, and the role of emotions in bringing about political change.


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DJ Spooky Presents Arctic Rhythms

In October 2022, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky visited Luther College to present his show: Arctic Rhythms. DJ Spooky focuses on environmentalism and algorithm culture. He also considers how artists can identify and utilize patterns to influence change.

Meet The CEPE Faculty Research Fellow

The 2021-2023 Research Fellow is Anthropology Professor Anita Carrasco. She is using her Fellowship at The CEPE to examine expressions of hospitality and hostility toward Latinx and Hispanic students on Luther’s campus. Anita is exploring what changes would need to take place at Luther to make it a space of unconditional hospitality. She is sharing her finding with communities at Luther and beyond.


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