Wellness Program

The Nena Amundson Lifetime Wellness Program is a collaboration of services and departments on campus. It provides education, motivation, and guidance to maintain a healthy living environment.

Wellness Opportunities

Wellness is accessible to all. The Wellness Program strives to lower the barrier to wellness and well-being. We do so by offering individual and group health education services, resources, programs, and challenges to students and employees across eight dimensions of wellness.

Recreational Services

The Recreational Services Program provides a variety of structured and non-structured programs. This is to enhance the educational mission of the college by encouraging the development of active, healthy lifestyles within our wellness model.

Nutrition Counseling and Programming

Comprehensive nutrition services are provided through Wellness and Dining Serves, including access to a Registered Dietitian on campus.

Make a nutrition counseling appointment with the Dietitian or browse the many resources available.

Lifetime Health and Wellness

Lifetime Health and Wellness is a required class at Luther for first-year students. It is coordinated through the Wellness Program and the Department of Health and Physical Education. This course focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. General topics include stress and time management, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, financial wellness, substance abuse and disease prevention.

Promoting Women's Health Issues

Part of the Nena Amundson estate gift to Luther supports a competitive distinguished professorship. This is awarded biennially to a faculty member through evaluation of project proposals by a selection committee.

Special consideration is given to proposals that focus on health and wellness issues for women, as they were central to Amundson's career.

These opportunities are made possible by an estate gift by the late Nena Amundson '56, who taught physical education and coached woman's athletics for more that 40 years, primarily at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.

Mission Statement

The Nena Amundson Lifetime Wellness Program fosters a culture of wellness where students and employees can thrive personally, academically and professionally through campus partnerships by creating opportunities and environments that maximize health and wellbeing in a diverse community.

Nena Amundson Lifetime Wellness Program Goals

1. To increase opportunities and environments for wellness promoting behaviors

2. To increase knowledge of wellness promoting behaviors

3. To improve attitudes and perceptions of wellness and related intentions to engage in wellness promoting behaviors.

 4. To increase engagement in wellness promoting behaviors.