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Ideas & Creations Blog

  • Tabita Green, Luther College director of web content

    Mental health: It's a social issue

    Allow kids to move, spend time in nature, explore, discover, create... sound Utopic? Tabita Green helps us imagine a society designed to optimize mental health, and then shows us how to make it a reality.

  • Segovia Cathedral

    J-term blog: Vamos a Segovia and Ávila!

    Learning about La Catedral de nuestra señora de la asunción y de san frutos (or simply the Segovia Cathedral, which is much less of a mouthful) and more in this J-term group's last few days abroad.

  • Gould, David T

    An open letter to Luther

    David L. Gould, upcoming speaker for Luther's Spring Convocation, writes a letter to Luther detailing the pact he made with the college when he dropped his daughter Abbie off six (plus) years ago.

  • Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum

    J-term blog: What's new in Hanoi?

    How much can a tourist complete in only two days in Hanoi? The students in "Stability and Change in Vietnam" can tell you!

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