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Ideas & Creations Blog

  • Linnea Peterson

    My co-ed cluster: A love story, but not the one you might expect

    Luther junior Linnea Peterson shares the story of how she and her cluster mates have created their very own version of a Hogwarts common room right on the Luther campus.

  • Kent Lee

    Taking it all apart

    Professor Lee shares thoughts on how developing and improving a program helped him to realize that taking things apart and looking at them on a smaller scale can help us to enjoy the relationships we build with one another.

  • Brooke Joyce teaser

    A Luther hymn for Easter

    Professor Joyce shares a composition based on one of Luther's many hymns in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

  • Gereon Kopf

    Training or education: a plea for the liberal arts

    While many recognize the value of educating students in trade skills and STEM, some argue for these fields of study to the detriment of the liberal arts and humanities. As the Luther community discusses the unique challenges of maintaining its identity as a Norwegian college of the church in the 21st century, Professor Kopf shares his thoughts on protecting the liberals arts.

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