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Ideas & Creations Blog

  • Amy Weldon, Luther College associate professor of English

    Put the da(r)n thing down

    Stand up, take a walk. Turn off the noise. In this seemingly stressful time, Professor Weldon encourages us to put our devices down and get out of the feedback loop. Even if only for a little while.

  • Andrew Last, Luther College assistant professor of music

    Finding the harmony in social media

    Are we really making a connection through social media? And how many selfies are too many? Though we may never agree on the second question... Professor Last takes a crack at the first.

  • Pedro dos Santos

    What it means to be here, and why you should listen to Here

    What do you know about the people in the Luther community? Where are they from? What brought them here? Who are they? Professor dos Santos digs into those questions in his most recent project, Here, a podcast examining Luther folk-beyond what they do and who they are in the context of the college.

  • Char Kunkel, Luther College professor of sociology

    What can you do? Global citizenship and social change

    Does looking to make global change mean we need to travel beyond our own borders? Professor Kunkel would encourage us to instead look within our immediate context to make a big impact.

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