Why Support the NAA?

“Living in the Midwest prevents us from playing our 40 game NCAA recommended schedule without making a training trip down south. We have chosen to put 100 percent of our NAA donations each year toward our 10-14 game schedule in Florida in March. You don’t have to donate a large amount to make a huge impact on our programs. The largest group of donors for us in the last 3 years has come from families and friends of our current student-athletes. We couldn’t have the championship level program that we have today without them.”

Renae Hartl, Athletic Director & Head Softball Coach

Donation Uses

  • Team travel costs not covered by operational budget
  • End of season awards and team banquets
  • Purchase uniforms
  • Cameras and video equipment for teams
  • Upgrade team meals and hotel accommodations
  • Spring trips in golf, tennis, baseball, and softball
  • Team equipment
  • Training goals for soccer
  • Trophy cases in Regents Center
  • Entrance improvements for baseball and softball stadium
  • Transportation—upgrading from vans to buses
  • Upgrade practice equipment
  • Racquet stringer
  • Junior varsity schedules
  • Golf green and bunker project
  • Interns’ housing
  • Street pole banners outside of Regents Center