Why Support the NAA?

“Living in the Midwest prevents us from playing our 40 game NCAA recommended schedule without making a training trip down south. We have chosen to put 100% of our NAA donations each year toward our 10-14 game schedule in Florida in March. You don’t have to donate a large amount to make a huge impact on our programs. The largest group of donors for us in the last 3 years has come from families and friends of our current student-athletes. We couldn’t have the championship level program that we have today without them.”

—Renae Hartl, Head Softball Coach

“The Norse Athletic Association has become an important source of support for the Luther College athletic department. The generosity of the NAA member and sponsors has enabled the athletic department to provide experiences, opportunities, equipment and travel enhancements that might otherwise be absent. Today almost all teams travel to competitions in buses rather than vans. This change has made travel not only more comfortable, but safer for our student-athletes and staff. It has also increased our travel costs significantly, and would not have been possible without the support of the NAA. Providing a positive experience for our student-athletes is of the utmost importance, and the NAA has been an important partner in helping us achieve this objective.”

—Joe Thompson, Athletic Director

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