Dorian Vocal Festival

January 7-8, 2024

Join us for the 74th annual Dorian Vocal Festival! The festival is open to juniors and seniors that have been nominated by their school directors. While on campus, you will have the opportunity to rehearse with Luther’s music faculty and participate in sectionals with singers from hundreds of schools around the mid-west. Come and experience the vibrant community of Luther College by eating meals in the Caf, rehearsing in Jenson-Noble Hall of Music, and performing in our beautiful Center for Faith and Life.

If you are a senior who is interested in attending Luther, you may sign up for a scholarship audition during this festival weekend!

Nominations and Helpful Links

Please use the 2023 Dorian Vocal Festival daily schedule as a reference until the 2024 schedule is posted in October/November, 2024.

Dorian Vocal Festival Schedule

You may use the 2023 fees form as a reference until the 2024 fees form is posted. Please reach out to if the fees present a financial hardship for your school or students.

2023 DVF Fees Form

Click the tab below to find the 2023 packing list. If you are staying overnight on campus – please be sure to bring a sleeping bag and pillow.

DVF Packing List

Use the following map of campus to find the Center for Faith and Life (main concert hall), Jenson-Noble Hall of Music, as well as parking.

Campus Map