Legacy Trust

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The Legacy Trust was established in 1986 in connection with the 125th anniversary of the college. The initial objective was to add at least $250,000 to Luther’s scholarship endowment fund each year. Response to the program has been extraordinary over the years, with more than $110 million in cash and planned gifts raised. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Luther students—most of whom could not otherwise afford to be here—now benefit from more than 850 scholarships that have been established at Luther.

The Legacy Trust Scholarship Program recognizes donors who have established annual or endowed scholarships. Scholarship donors are invited to the Legacy Trust Scholarship Luncheon event each year.

As we look ahead, scholarship support remains critical as students search for ways to meet the rising costs of higher education. You can help ensure a quality education for our students by establishing a scholarship through the Legacy Trust program.

Legacy Trust Scholarships

A full list of Legacy Trust scholarships can be found in our directory.

Established in Calendar Year 2019

Annual Scholarships

 Annual scholarships provide the opportunity for donors to make an immediate impact.

Jim and Judy Fogdall Nursing Challenge Scholarship
James '64 and Judith (Larson) Fogdall '65

Marriott Success Award Fund
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Norse 2001 Annual Scholarship

Stull-Burgart Scholarship
Jason Burgart '03 and Melissa Stull '03

Harold and Lynette Usgaard Scholarship
Harold '69 and Lynette (Ellingson) Usgaard '70

Wartburg Seminary Scholarship Fund
Clifford T. and Elsie B. Rood Trust

Legacy Scholarships

 Named endowed scholarships provide an enduring stream of scholarship support to assist current and future generations of Luther students, with a minimum commitment of $25,000.

Class of 1970 Scholarship **
Members of the Class of 1970

Class of 1985 Scholarship **
Members of the Class of 1985

Class of 1995 Scholarship **
Members of the Class of 1995

Ruth N. Fjelstad Scholarship *
Ruth N. Fjelstad

M. House Endowed Scholarship **
Marilyn House ’69

Nick Huber Memorial Scholarship **
Joel '02 and Catherine (Ernste) Haugen '02

Lee Family Scholarship **
Elaina Lee '94

Mindrum-Nowland Scholarship **
Ronald '54 and Frieda (Mindrum) Nowland '54

Jeremy Olsen and Katie Murphy-Olsen Scholarship **
Jeremy Olsen ’02 and Katie Murphy-Olsen

James M. and Helen K. Smith Scholarship
Helen Smith

Woods Birkenholz Scholarship **
Matthew Birkenholz '03 and Kelly Woods Birkenholz '03

Vision Scholarships

  Named endowed scholarships provide an enduring stream of scholarship support to assist current and future generations of Luther students, with a minimum commitment of $50,000.

Richard A. and Ann K. (Stauffer) Flisrand Scholarship
Ann (Stauffer) '66 and Richard Flisrand

Kvalness Scholarship **
Lynn Kvalness '64 and Meredith Kvalness '69

Luther College Global Partners Scholarship
Ruth N. Fjelstad

Luther College Symphony Orchestra Vienna Residency Scholarship
Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Friends of the Luther College Symphony Orchestra

Britt Sather Scholarship
Britt Sather '78

William A. and Molly J. Wilson Scholarship *
William '68 and Molly Wilson

Promise Scholarships

 Promise scholarships are to help close the gap in unmet financial need--allowing Luther to attract and recruit the most talented students.

M. House Promise Scholarship
Marilyn House ’69

Todd and Nicole Michaels Endowed Scholarship **
Todd '93 and Nicole Michaels

Rettig/Swenson Promise Scholarship *
Mary Lynn (Swenson) '79 and David Rettig

New Access and Opportunity Scholarships

 These scholarships provide critical full- or partial-need financial support based on the average annual Luther-funded scholarship award.

Ruth N. Fjelstad Access and Opportunity Scholarship *
Ruth N. Fjelstad


(*) - deferred

(**) - in progress

During the 2019-2020 academic year, $6.4 million in donor-funded financial aid was distributed to just over 950 students through awards ranging from $150 to $33,500.