• Symphony Orchestra

    Every four years, the Symphony Orchestra completes an immersive residency in Vienna, Austria.

  • Concert Band

    As one of the oldest touring organizations in the nation, the Concert Band enjoys the opportunity to frequently travel across the world.

  • Jazz Orchestra

    As Luther's premiere Jazz ensemble, the Jazz Orchestra enjoys traveling the world, including immersive tours to Brazil.

  • Nordic Choir

    The Nordic Choir, Luther's principle choral ensemble, enjoys annual tours both internationally and domestically.

  • Collegiate Chorale

    Composed of select juniors and seniors, the Collegiate Chorale tours throughout the Midwest each year.

  • Cathedral Choir

    Drawn from the talent of the college's sophomore class, the Cathedral Choir introduce choral students to touring through tour experiences throughout the Midwest.

Ensemble Tours

Luther is proud to feature six high-caliber touring ensembles:  Concert Band, Jazz Orchestra, Nordic Choir, Symphony Orchestra, Collegiate Chorale, and Cathedral Choir.  Touring opportunities for these ensembles typically occur during the spring semester, on a rotating basis.  International tours occur every three years for Nordic Choir, and every four years for Concert Band, Jazz Orchestra, and Symphony Orchestra.  To learn specific information, please visit each ensemble's tour page.

The chart below outlines the five-year plan for music ensemble tours, beginning with the 2020-2021 school year.  Scroll to the right to view all touring ensembles.

Nordic Choir Concert Band Symphony Orchestra Jazz Orchestra Collegiate Chorale Cathedral Choir
'20-'21 International & Domestic International Oratorio off-campus Run-Out Run-Out Run-Out
'21-'22 Domestic & Run-Out Run-Out Run-Out Domestic 4-day Tour 3-day Tour
'22-'23 Domestic & Run-Out Domestic International Run-Out Run-Out Run-Out
'23-'24 International & Domestic Run-Out Domestic International 4-day Tour 3-day Tour
'24-'25 Domestic & Run-Out International Oratorio off-campus Run-Out Run-Out Run-Out

If you are interested in hosting a Luther College ensemble, please fill out this form.  A member of the Music Marketing Office will be in touch with you to continue the conversation.