January Term Study Away Courses

Luther faculty have proposed 18 courses for J-Term 2025: two domestic and 16 international, traveling through 18 different countries.

1st Round Application: April 1 – April 21

2nd Round Application (for available spaces): August 21–September 15

To Apply, download brochure below and click on the title of your first choice course. That will then take you to our on-line application system – Via-trm.


Paideia 450: Christianity & Slavery in Ghana’s Past & Present

We consider the way European and European-American Christians justified slavery—consciously or unconsciously—through interpretive and institutional practices.

Global Health 239: Nepal: A One Health Perspective

This course will use Nepal to study the dynamic relationship between people, animals, plants, and the environment, and how they are interconnected in contributing to the wellness of a population.

Paideia 450: Stability and Change in Vietnam

This course examines the effects of Vietnam’s rapid modernization on its people, environment, and traditional ways of life.

Communication Studies 239: Environmental Communication in Belize

This course examines environmental communication and the public sphere in Belize with particular focus on the significant role of eco-adventure tourism in the country.

International Studies 240: Ethical Engagement in Postcolonial Roatan

This course uses the island of Roatan as a case study to examine how individuals can engage ethically with social and environmental challenges in the developing world.

Foreign Culture 239: Culinary Cultures of Latin America (Mexico)

This course will study the economic, cultural and religious significance of crops that originated in Latin America. Some knowledge of Spanish, or Spanish 102, is highly recommended although not required. Instruction is in English.

Paideia 450: Practicing Embodiment (Costa Rica)

This course is an interdisciplinary exercise between spirituality, sustainability, and the body.

Spanish 340: Language and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World (Dominican Republic)

This program will introduce Luther students to the most meaningful aspects of Dominican culture while combining intense study of the Spanish language with artistic expressions, guided visits to cultural centers and public service institutions plus ecological tourism. All interested students must complete an interview with the instructor before enrollment.

Foreign Culture 239: The Culture of Fútbol in Spain

This short-term study away course will introduce Luther students to Spanish culture first-hand with a special emphasis on cultural practices and values associated with the sport of fútbol. All interested students must complete an interview with the instructor before enrollment.

Paideia 450: Forging Paths to Peace

How can communities with a recent history of violence live together peacefully?

Paideia 450: Building Ethical Futures through Architecture, Design, and Narrative in Norway

This course explores transdisciplinary approaches to imagining, constructing, and communicating about structures and infrastructures in Norway.

Paideia 450: English Theatre: Mirror of Society and of the Human Condition (England)

This course is a study of English theater—among the richest in the world in its variety and depth—and the ways that it both mirrors and seeks to influence social values by dramatizing ethical conflict.

Visual Communication 290: Design & Art in Community (Berlin)

In this unique Global Learning opportunity students will produce Visual Communication Design works in the context of the diverse multi-cultural community of Berlin, Germany.

Biology 140/240: Ecology of the Southwest (Arizona)

Field study of the ecology of the arid Southwest, with a focus on adaptations of organisms to arid conditions and understanding the challenges of setting environmental policy.

History 297: Slavery and Freedom in the Making of America

This course will travel to some of the most significant sites from the formative years of the United States, focusing on the complicated relationship between freedom and slavery in early American history.

Music 139: Sacred Voices, Sacred Sounds (Italy)

Common to a variety of world religions is the experience of music and space as an expression of connection with the sacred. First-year course only.

History 199: Istanbul and Rome: Empires East & West (Italy, Turkey)

Designed for first-year students, this course explores the concept of ‘empire’ by focusing on two historic imperial cities: Rome and Istanbul. First-year course only.