Dismissal Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can get answers to questions you might have about dismissal at Luther College.

If your cumulative GPA falls below 1.0 at any point in your college journey, you will be dismissed from Luther College. Also, you may risk dismissal if you’ve been placed on academic probation and you:

  • Earn a term GPA of less than 2.00 (12 hours minimum fall or spring, 4 hours minimum January term), unless the term GPA raises the cumulative GPA above the minimum level for academic probation.
  • Remain on academic probation after the second consecutive semester.
  • Fail to adhere to the conditions of enrollment established by the Committee on Academic Progress.

Learn more about warning, probation, and/or dismissal.

Academic dismissal means that you are no longer in a degree program and are not eligible to return to Luther College without completing the academic appeal process and being approved for re-admittance. Your courses for the next term will be dropped.

Dismissal appeals will be reviewed at the end of Fall semester (first week of January) and at the end of Spring semester (first week of June.) If you have been dismissed, you will receive an official letter from the Registrar at the end of each semester.

To begin the academic appeal process, sign up for an appointment to get assistance with completing both the Dismissal Appeal and Readmission Form and Academic Success Plan (ASP).

Consider the following to submit a strong appeal:

1. Describe in great detail the extenuating circumstances that contributed to or caused your academic difficulties in your last semester at Luther College.

2. Provide a detailed plan of action that you will follow through with to improve your academic performance if you are reinstated. Describe how the issue(s) mentioned in this form will be addressed. The committee is looking for specific examples.

3. Provide any letters of support.

The Academic Standing Board (ASB) will determine the status of your appeal. The committee consists of representatives from the faculty, DOSS, Financial Aid, and the Registrar’s Office.

Once you have submitted the appeal form, the ASB reviews each appeal individually and makes decisions on a case-by-case basis as a committee. The information that you provide assists the committee with their decision. All decisions made by the ASB are final. Materials submitted by students are confidential and do not become part of the student’s academic record. Appeals must be based on extenuating circumstances.

You will be notified in writing regarding the outcome of your appeal. You may contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions regarding the appeal process and/or decision at 563-387-1167. If you have questions regarding the transition from Luther please contact CAE at 563-387-1270.

If your academic appeal is approved, you will be reinstated with probationary status and required to meet conditions specified by the ASB.

Depending on the outcome of your appeal and requirements, you might have to register/change courses.

You will be dropped from J-Term courses during the appeal process. Fall and spring semester courses will remain on your schedule pending the outcome of your appeal.

Yes, you should be in communication with Office of Student Engagement (563)387-1020 to receive information about checking out of the residence halls and other pertinent information, ie. student employment, SPO, billing, etc.

No. This academic dismissal applies only to your status at Luther College.

If you are planning to attend a community college or take online courses and need assistance, contact CAE at 563-387-1270.

Dismissed students, regardless of their financial aid status, must file an academic appeal. Academic dismissal remains in effect until the student has been readmitted to the college by the ASB. In addition to your appeal, the committee would like to see evidence of taking a minimum of 12 transferable credits with at least a 2.5 GPA from another institution.