Student News: First-year wins in slam-dunk at poetry slam

Poetry Slams have become very popular in Decorah, this past semester especially. First-year Luther student Chelanga Langason, of Minneapolis, won the February contest by reciting this work to the packed house:

A Musician's Prayer

Let the hymns ring out in homophonic glory
Let the 4-part chorale fill your body
and ignite your soul,

Let the blues walk on.
Grab Grandpa Moe's bass and walk on for 40 days and nights
in search of the truth,

Let the hip-hop, and hop, and hop, and hop.
Let the rhythmic blood run through your veins
and feast upon the meaty bass that was set upon this table for you,

Let the jazz swing low and carry me home.
Let it save me from this earthly life I live
and raise me up to meet its creator,

Let the Rock roll.
Roll past the bobble-headed bimbos, and the backseat hoes
into the home of someone in search of a foundation.
For this Rock is our salvation.
Let it roll on forever,

In the name of man
In the name of his music
And in the name of the spirit that lives within the staff.
I the lines, the spaces, the notes
the silence.
The spirit that lives in the air, waiting for us to hear it.
Let the music flow
now, and forever.