Valders Hall of Science

Outside Valders Hall of Science

Valders Hall of Science is home to the departments of Nursing, Physics, Psychology, and Environmental Studies. Valders Hall of Science is connected to Sampson Hoffland Laboratories and is located across from the Center for Faith and Life and nearby the Franklin W. Olin Building.


  • Astronomy Facilities
    Spitz Planetarium with Spitz A3P projector and rooftop viewing platform.
  • Rossing Physics Library and Exploration Center
    A complete library of books and research materials available to physics students.
  • BRAIN (Behavioral Research: An Interactive Network)
    A 28-station networked computer laboratory for general psychology and the study of perception. The laboratory is equipped with a Thought Technology biograph and statistical software.
  • Salsbury Animal Facility
    Federally inspected live animal facility for rodents and rabbits. It also contains an insectary, holding facilities for aquatic organisms, and research space.
  • Research Grade Greenhouse
    Four independently controlled climate areas as part of an eight-room undergraduate teaching and research facility.
  • Anderson Prairie
    24.7 acres with 71 species of flowers and 5 types of grasses. Trails through the prairie are excellent recreation option for students. The Biology Department cares for the prairie through controlled burns and continued experiments.

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Quick Facts

  • Built in 1960 and remodeled in 2009
  • Named after the Valdres region of Norway