Brandt Hall

The exterior of Brandt Hall.

Brandt Hall is first-year residence hall in the center of campus, providing quick access to Preus Library and Jenson-Noble Hall of Music. Brandt Hall houses 355 first-year students in two-, three-, and four-person rooms. Most of the rooms house three students. The building's west and east wings are connected by study and social lounges.


  • Movable bunks and furniture in most rooms
  • Main study lounge, social lounge, and other additional study lounges throughout the building
  • Designated quiet floors
  • Designated wellness floors
  • One CAT6 network connection per person in each room
  • Wireless network coverage throughout the building
  • Computer lab with internet access
  • Two laundry rooms
  • Kitchen including microwave, sink, stove, and refrigerator

Quick Facts

  • Named for Diderikke Brandt, wife of the first college pastor, Nils Brandt
  • East wing opened in 1948 followed by west wing in 1949; both were renovated in 2003

Student Tour

Take a tour of Brandt from the perspective of a student resident.