Groups and Organizations

The Office for College Ministries sponsors, supports, and partners with a variety of student organizations and interest groups.

Contact for information about the following organizations.

College Ministries Outreach

Outreach teams are student-led mobile ministry groups who specialize in worship leadership and youth ministry support for congregations within a 100-mile radius of Decorah. As a member of an Outreach team, you partner with congregations by leading worship, organizing Bible studies or faith formation events, and planning youth events, including retreats and lock-ins.

Council for Faith and Life

CFAL is a student advisory council that works with the Office for College Ministries to oversee the role of faith in campus life and to build/maintain collaborative relationships across departments, faith traditions, and the wider community. CFAL is open to students of all faith traditions, backgrounds, and commitments.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA, an interdenominational and evangelical organization, strives to strengthen the moral, mental, and spiritual fibers of athletes, coaches, and all interested non-athletes through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. For more information check out and ‘Like’ the Luther College FCA Facebook page!


Student-led weekly worship community that seeks to encourage and energize faith through connection with God and one another.

Men’s & Women’s Groups

Student-led Bible study groups that meet weekly for reflection and prayer, welcoming those in every step of their faith journey.

The Office for College Ministries has a button maker and we’re glad to share it with Luther student orgs! We have the button maker and all the supplies you need for your project. Cost is $.30/button.To reserve the equipment, contact