Declare or Change a Major/Minor

Listed below are the majors, minors, and special programs offered at Luther College. It is important to keep on file with the Registrar's Office an accurate listing of your intended major(s) and minors.

When you complete this form, please select each major, minor, and special program you are currently pursuing. If you are deleting a major or minor, leave those boxes unselected.

Within a few days of completing this form, you will be able to review your progress in each major and minor you have declared by accessing your program evaluation on It is your responsibility to review your Program Evaluation and notify the Registrar's Office of any discrepancies.

We assume you are completing your major and/or minor from the catalog year under which you entered Luther College. If that is not the case, the department head must notify us.

If a major or minor was available in the catalog year you became a degree-seeking student, and has since been discontinued, you may still declare the major or minor. However, you will need to work with the department to discuss the feasibility for major or minor completion. In some situations, required coursework may no longer be available and there may not be an opportunity for course substitution, thus, making the discontinued major or minor unattainable.

Students who declare an International Studies major or minor should meet with Victoria Christman about the requirements for the major or minor.

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Luther College is interested in hearing more about the thought process that led to your choice of major. Below, please describe the main factors that led to your decision. Consider factors such as when you made the decision, who influenced your decision and how it relates to your own life experience and future goals. In a paragraph, please tell us the story of your decision-making process. Include as much detail as you can.*
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