Academic Progress: Warning, Probation and Dismissal

Sometimes, there are circumstances that make it difficult or impossible for students to do their best work. Resources available to students include their academic advisor, Health Services, the Student Life Office and Counseling Services for support during challenging semesters. The CAE office (Preus Library 108) offers tutoring, time-management help, and other direct intervention to help students keep on track with their academic progress. Luther College uses an Academic Alert system to notify students if their grades within individual courses fall below the level of "C-" either because of poor test grades or lack of attendance. Both students and their advisors receive a copy of any notification.

When students do not make adequate progress toward graduation, the college has three categories to signal this: "academic warning," "academic probation," and "academic dismissal." Please see the Academic Catalog for the specific policy.

If a student is issued a warning, placed on academic probation or dismissed, they will receive a letter from the Academic Progress Committee detailing their next steps.

Students who have been dismissed from the college and wish to apply for readmission begin the process by contacting the Registrar's office and Center for Academic Enrichment.  Applications for readmission are reviewed twice a year, in January and June.  Students should contact college offices at least one month in advance to begin the process.