SPSS for Students

Current Luther students can install IBM SPSS Statistics on their personally-owned Windows or macOS computers. The license is for educational use only.

Note: If you have an earlier version of SPSS installed on your computer, please uninstall it before continuing.

Download and install

The "Downloads" section of help.luther.edu. There is a table which includes links for the SPSS downloads.

‘Downloads’ page from help.luther.edu

  1. With the computer where you want to install SPSS, visit help.luther.edu and choose “Downloads” in the left sidebar.

  2. Select “IBM SPSS Statistics 29 (Windows)” or “IBM SPSS Statistics 29 (macOS)” depending upon your operating system. Copy the license key from this page—you’ll need immediately after install.

  3. Click “Run Now”. After a few seconds, you’ll see an orange install box.

  4. If your running MacOS Sonoma, you also need to run the “(Mac OS) SPSS patch for Sonoma” installer after the first installer completes.
  5. SPSS statistics licensing autorization wizard. There are two options "Concurrent" and "Authorized user". Authorized is selected.

    Product authorization process

    The first time you run SPSS, you’ll be asked to license your copy. Choose “Authorized License User” when given that option and use the license key from step 3 above.