Parent (or Anyone) Proxy

If a parent calls Financial Services or Financial Aid offices, the student must have granted permission for these offices to speak to the parent (or anyone with access) who is calling. The offices will verify this permission each time the individual contacts the office. The individual must also provide the student’s id number or last four digits of the social security number AND the date of birth at the beginning of each call.

While we encourage our students to take responsibility for their student account, we understand that parents (and others) often help.

Parent Proxy is available for parents (or anyone with student’s permission) to assist the student with his/her financial responsibilities, view grades, and class schedule.

Parent Proxy has replaced the Parent Portal to grant students more nuance in the information they share with their parents, guardians, or other proxies (people that are able to work on their behalf). Students can grant access from the following areas

  • Financial Aid (View Offer Letter and Requested Forms)
  • Student Finance (Make Payments and View Account Activity)
  • Tax Information (1098-T and W-2)
  • Student Planning (Grades and Class Schedule)
  • Notifications (Registration Holds)

When a student grants proxy access to an individual(s), this allows him/her to view these portions of NorseHub on as well as granting permission for the individual(s) to have conversations with Financial Services and Financial Aid.  Note: Granting access does not release you, the student, from your responsibilities.  In the eyes of Luther College, it is still your responsibility to turn in necessary financial documents or pay any outstanding balance due.

  1. The student logs into using their Norse Key.
  2. Click on your Username in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Choose View/Add Proxy Access

This email will contain the individual’s login information. Using the information in the email, the individual will log into  If the individual(s) do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the Luther College Technology Help Desk at 563-387-1000.

If the name of Parent/Guardian/Spouse is not listed, click Add Parent/Guardian/Other and complete the Google Form. The student will receive an email within 2 business days confirming the person’s name had been added and then the student will need to grant this person the appropriate rights.

The student would click their username on NorseHub, choose View/Add Proxy Access, and select the appropriate parent.  Then the student will update their rights by unchecking any permissions or removing all access.

In April of the next year, if a student is not enrolled, the permission to view student information will be ended. Notification of the ending of the access rights will be emailed to both the student and anyone with proxy access.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provides certain rights to students concerning the privacy of, and access to, their educational records.