Cell Phone Policy

Please be considerate of others when using your cell phone in Preus Library and academic computer lab spaces across campus. Set ringer to vibrate, if possible. Keep your voice low or leave study areas.

Food & Drink Policies

  • Drinks are allowed in Preus Library, as long as they are in covered containers. In addition, light snacks are allowed; but no meals.
  • Please use the recycling containers in the library entry and on the main floor to dispose of recyclables.
  • Dispose of any nonrecyclables in wastebaskets throughout the library.
  • Report spills immediately to theĀ Circulation Desk.
  • Receptions and special events with food are permitted in Hovde Room only.
  • No food or drink are allowed in the following areas:
    • Basement
    • Archives Reading Room
    • Rare Book Room