Digital Signage

The digital sign located in Preus Library displays information and promotes activities related directly to ITS and the Library as well as events and activities related to other departments housed in the building (i.e., TRIO, SASC, the Writing Center, and the Speech and Debate Center).

The purpose of the display is to facilitate the appreciation and appropriate use of library and technology resources. The digital sign only displays advertisements or promotions related to ITS, the Library, or other activities within the library building.

Prior to posting, materials must be approved by the relevant content managers. Materials related to ITS must be approved by the designated member/s of ITS. All other materials must be approved by the library content manager (Jane Venes). Contact:

All content to be posted must meet quality standards for readability and visual appeal. Assistance in meeting visual and legibility standards is available upon request. Images when used should be integral to the message to be communicated; text should reinforce the same message. In most cases text should be limited to what can be read quickly, usually about six words. Fonts should be large and harmonious with clear hierarchy and good contrast.

Ideal content will attract and hold attention long enough that the viewer is inclined to receive the intended message.

Examples of effective content:

  1. Content that is orderly, uncluttered and adequately spaced
  2. Images that integrate with the content message
  3. Text and image that can be easily identified from a reasonable distance
  4. Good contrast of text over background
  5. High quality images that are not pixelated, blurry, or in any way inappropriate.