Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software (a.k.a. anti-malware) is software that scans a device for malware and attempts to quarantine or remove it. We no longer require users to have anti-virus software in order to register to the network, but it is strongly advised for all users and all types of device.

Windows computers have a native anti-virus, called Windows Defender, though Windows will disable this anti-virus if another anti-virus is detected. Macs do not come with a native anti-virus.

If your device came with a free trial version of an anti-virus like McAfee or Norton, we recommend that you either commit to using the paid version or else remove it entirely in favor of a free antivirus like Windows Defender or Sophos.

You can learn about other computer security topics at our safe computing page.

Free Anti-Virus Solutions

Paid Anti-Virus Solutions