Anti-Virus Software

All computers that access the Luther College network – wired or wireless – must have Anti-Virus software installed with up-to-date definitions.

Sophos Anti-Virus is installed by default on all Luther owned workstations.

Users are required to acquire and install an anti-virus for their own personal computers.

For your convenience, we have provided a list of anti-virus recommendations below. Unless otherwise specified, all products are available for both Mac OS X and Windows computers. Products listed in bold are ITS recommended. Where available, we have provided an Easy Installer which will install the anti-virus with minimal effort.

NOTE – If you opt to select an anti-virus product that is not on this list, we recommend you contact the Technology Help Desk prior to purchase or installation. There are many companies that advertise anti-virus software that are scams or in fact malware themselves.

Reminder – Having multiple anti-virus products installed may cause problems with your computer. Uninstall any previous anti-virus first before installing another!
Note - If you currently have Sophos installed, here are the Sophos Anti-Virus - Uninstall & Removal Instructions.

Free Anti-Virus Solutions

These products are offered for free by their manufacturer.

Paid Anti-Virus Solutions

These products may require a one time or yearly payment.

NOTE – Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition is free for Mac OS X but is a paid product for Microsoft Windows. The Home Edition differs from the Corporate Edition that has been given out by Luther in the past.